Volunteers from FEMSA and its Business Units perform almost 335 thousand hours of community work in 2020 - FEMSA
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Volunteers from FEMSA and its Business Units perform almost 335 thousand hours of community work in 2020


  • More than 44 thousand volunteers have donated their time, talent and effort.
  • The volunteers have been involved in more than 1,200 actions and projects focused on community support, health and wellness, education, and the environment.

Mexico City, Mexico. December 7, 2020. – More than 44 thousand volunteers, including employees, their families, friends and third parties, of FEMSA and its Business Units dedicated almost 335 thousand hours of work in favor of their communities and concluded another year with projects that aim to promote a culture of volunteering. During this year, FEMSA has sought to transform and positively impact the life of communities through more than 1,200 actions and programs focused on improving their quality of life and well-being.

“On International Volunteer Day we continue our goal of building a culture based on discipline, perseverance and adaptation and to see those qualities as opportunities to transform environments and realities. For all of us at FEMSA it is important to promote the development of social, civic, and family relationships that are in harmony with the environment and the community”, said Raymundo Yutani, FEMSA’s Director of Human Resources.

To promote the active, supportive, and responsible participation of its employees, FEMSA and its Business Units have a volunteer program through which employees donate their time, talent, and effort in activities focused on community support, education, the environment, health and well-being that positively impact the environment.

In 2020, FEMSA Comercio employees have participated in 50 volunteer activities and since 2011 alliances have been established with specialized institutions, authorities and other groups to develop more than 2,643 volunteer activities with more than 160,000 accumulated hours. The volunteers have carried out actions focused on improving public spaces, taking care of the environment, promoting healthy lifestyles, social assistance, education and response to natural disasters.

Its initiatives include the rehabilitation and maintenance of parks and monuments, the reforestation of trees in public spaces, actions for the care of animal species, visits to homes, asylums, and hospitals, the implementation of pocket parks -which consist of the recovery of land surplus at points of sale-, the delivery of the Ecology Award in schools, supporting health campaigns and the development of sporting events.

Aligned with its sustainability strategy and following its commitment to create social and environmental well-being in the communities where it is present, collaborators of Coca-Cola FEMSA México carried out 305 thousand hours of volunteer work this year. More than three thousand collaborators participated in the assembly of packages with hygiene products for 44,600 families in Mexico; food pantries and medicines were delivered in Tabasco and Chiapas for those affected by the floods caused by the hurricanes that hit southern Mexico; due to the COVID-19 contingency, more than 3.8 million liters of soft drinks were donated to vulnerable communities and front-line health personnel, which were distributed among its ten operations in Latin America.

233 FEMSA volunteers collaborated with more than 20 thousand hours of work in seven projects of community support and 3 education projects, while 330 Solistica volunteers supported 6 projects of community support and a health and wellness project with 955 hours of work. In FEMSA and its Business Units, volunteering represents contributing to the development and improvement of the environment in which they find themselves and collaborating with the community through the promotion of a collaborative culture of support.


FEMSA is a leading company that creates economic and social value through companies and institutions and seeks to be the best employer and neighbor of the communities where it has a presence. It participates in retail trade through FEMSA Comercio, which includes the Proximity Division and of which OXXO, a chain of small format stores, is a part of. It also has a Health Division that includes pharmacies and related activities as well as a Fuel Division that operates the service stations chain, OXXO Gas. In the beverage industry it operates Coca-Cola FEMSA, public bottler of Coca-Cola products; in the beer sector, it is a shareholder of HEINEKEN, a company present in more than 70 countries. Additionally, through FEMSA’s Strategic Businesses Business Unit, it offers logistics services, point-of-sale refrigeration solutions and plastics solutions to FEMSA companies and external clients. FEMSA also participates in the cleaning products and consumables distribution industry in the United States. Through its Business Units, it employs approximately 320 thousand employees in 13 countries. FEMSA is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance Index, the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the Mexican Stock Exchange Sustainable IPC, among other indices that evaluate its performance in sustainability.

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