Our Commitment


Since our foundation in 1890, we have sought the simultaneous creation of economic and social value that ensures the Sustainability of the business, contributing to the positive transformation of our communities.


For FEMSA, Sustainability is the ability to generate the social, environmental and economic conditions to operate in the present and continue to grow in harmony with the environment and society. Our actions are carried out under a commitment to Our ethics and values and Governance, focusing on those issues in which we can generate the greatest impact in the three axes pillars of the Sustainability Strategy: Our People, Our Planet, and Our Community.


We fully respect international human rights principles and national and global labor standards. Our vision is in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles of the Global Compact, both promoted by the United Nations.


We believe that there is no other asset as important as our employees, whose work and efforts contribute to business results. Our commitment is to our employees and this is why we dedicate our efforts to offer programs and tools that allow them to develop comprehensively.


We have established policies, goals, objectives and targets to support the protection and conservation of natural resources and to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, which help us to go beyond our vision.


We are committed to contributing to the generation of sustainable communities, for which we seek to maintain the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in our Business Units and at the same time become a good neighbor and corporate citizen in the communities we operate in.

Contribution to the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Global Compact

FEMSA strives to become an actor of change, to be an important ally toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and to be a leader in advancing the 2030 Global Agenda. We are innovating to help build a society that offers greater opportunities for everyone without depleting the planet’s natural resources.


Therefore, since 2005 we have been a United Nations Global Compact signatory and are committed to promoting its ten principles on human rights, labor practices, the environment and the fight against corruption.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals represent an ambitious plan to achieve a more inclusive, prosperous, sustainable and resilient world. These goals summon countries to improve the lives of people around the world by mobilizing efforts to address the most critical global issues by 2030: poverty, inequality and climate change.


To achieve a truly global impact, business and civil society must also take action. Joining the efforts of the 2030 Global Agenda means that we contribute to improving the quality of life and well-being of people and ensure the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of ecosystems.


Integrating sustainability into our Business Units and their operations is our way of contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that are within our scope of influence.

We share the pillars of the Sustainability Strategy and its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our People Strategic Pillar
Our Community Strategic Pillar
Our Planet Strategic Pillar

Our Policies

In this section we present the corporate policies that represent a fundamental part of our corporate governance. These policies are mandatory and establish the guidelines that all of our employees must follow as part of FEMSA’s culture of respect, honesty, and integrity.


To comply with these policies, we have established the required internal controls to prevent, identify, investigate, sanction and remedy any possible risks of violation.

Partnerships and Alliances

Today’s global challenges are complex, since on many occasions they cross the limits or scope of an organization, requiring systematic changes beyond the capabilities of companies or certain sector. It is necessary that governments, cities, companies and individuals participate to achieve sustainable development. We are all in this together.


This is why in order to scale the commitment and move faster than the challenges, a collective leadership is necessary where the vision of improving current conditions is shared. to face the challenges and thus accelerate progress in achieving the objectives we can generate a greater capacity, focusing on collective action, sharing experiences and increasing individual capacities.


At FEMSA we envision a common space, where we encourage the cooperation and participation of those entities that share our expectations: the generation of economic and social value.


Our Business Units continuosly establish inclusive partnerships at all levels (global, regional, national and local) where there are meeting points on principles and values, while at the same time we shared vision and objectives that have as their epicenter people, communities and the planet.


Some of our global parnertships and alliances:


  • Tent Partnerships for Refugees
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey