Sustainability Reports


For FEMSA as a company, it is very important and valuable to share the way we contribute to the creation of economic and social value. Through FEMSA’s Sustainability Reports, we communicate the main actions and initiatives that make up our Sustainability Strategy and its axes of action:


Our Ethics and Values, Our People, Our Planet and Our Community.


In this section you can have a look at the sustainability reports that FEMSA has published since 2005.


2023 Integrated Annual Report

2023 was an extraordinary year, marking the close of one cycle in our history and the beginning of another. The year began with our announcement that we would be refocusing our strategy to concentrate on our core business verticals that…


2022 Integrated Annual Report

At FEMSA, we have transformed ourselves to ensure that we are agents of positive change in our communities. We have reinforced our purpose, placing our customers and consumers at the center of everything we do.   Our inspiration has always…


FEMSA Sustainability Report 2021

For FEMSA, Sustainability is the ability to generate the social, environmental, and economic conditions to operate in the present and continue growing in harmony with the environment and society. Our actions remain committed to our Ethics and Values, focusing on…


GRI Standard Sustainability Contents 2020

In this document we share some of the ways in which our dedication to customer satisfaction and Sustainability can be reflected in our Business Units. We strive to provide outstanding service to our consumers, to support our collaborators in achieving…


Sustainability Contents 2019

Throughout our history, we have contributed to the economic and social development of the regions where we are present. We have founded and developed companies and institutions that tangibly fulfill one of FEMSA’s fundamental values: generating social value.



SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY FEMSA defines sustainability as the ability to generate the social, environmental and economic conditions needed to operate today and grow over time in harmony with the environment and society. We base our actions on an unwavering commitment to…


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