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Solistica Arrives in Guatemala to Offer Comprehensive 3PL Logistics Solutions


  • The arrival of operations in Guatemala will generate new jobs.
  • Solistica will make more than 1,187 monthly trip,s covering more than 302,000 km.
  • The new fleet in the country will help reduce carbon emissions.

Mexico City, Mexico. April 6, 2021. – Solistica, FEMSA’s division which offers comprehensive logistics solutions in Latin America, arrived in Guatemala with a modern fleet of vehicles with which it estimates to make more than 1,187 monthly trips, representing more than 302,000 km in the same period, equivalent to traveling the circumference of the Earth 7.5 times.

“Solistica arrives in Guatemala with a comprehensive proposal that will allow us to deliver a greater value to our clients, being the leading 3PL logistics operator in Latin America. Hand by hand with our local talent we can understand the needs of clients in Guatemala and offer specialized next-generation vehicle design, operational management, TMS, productivity management, 24/7 monitoring, risk management and response protocols”, said Jessica Ponce, Director of Global Transportation Solutions at Solistica.

“Solistica has always shown a commitment to the growth of Latin America, attending the region through a portfolio of logistics solutions tailored to clients in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Brazil. We are very happy to arrive in Guatemala and to be fulfilling our vision of expanding our presence in the area”, added Luis Eraña, Executive Director of Solistica.

Solistica’s expansion also entails an environmental commitment, as it seeks to reduce carbon emissions with a new and advanced technology fleet in Guatemala. It uses the Euro III vehicles, which emit -93% carbon monoxide, -25% particles, 25% savings in oil filters and -16% nitrogen oxide, while offering 40% more capacity loading.

Currently, the region already has 31 truck tractors and 36 semi-trailers of its own fleet and 4 operations centers in Zacapa, Escuintla, Guatemala City and Retalhuleu, covering the entire national territory. The new truck design reduces axle pressure and wind resistance, creating a more aerodynamic vehicle.

The new fleet includes both security and telemetry systems, which allow us to know the current state of the engine, such as revolutions and fuel efficiency, improving the planning and productivity of the fleet. A collision management system is also implemented, which allows us to apply a correct risk management in real time to find out about accidents and prevent collisions.

Solistica is committed to carrying out actions that revolve around communicating prevention measures and thus guarantee the necessary inputs to ensure their compliance, prioritizing caring for and protecting the health of its employees, suppliers and customers, and ensuring operational flow.


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About Solistica

Solistica is the Latin American 3PL logistic solution integrator for the world, with presence in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brasil and the United States. It offers supply chain solutions through FTL Transport, LTL Distribution, Warehousing, Value Added Services, Multimodal Solutions, International Logistics and Vehicle Maintenance through its subsidiary Mecanica Tek. Its focus on security, innovation and flexibility, and its capacity to adapt to the evolution of its more than 4,000 clients, enables Solistica to design the ideal configuration to solve any logistical challenge across all industries. It is a FEMSA company that creates economic and social value by operating a sustainable business strategy, based in its culture and values, with more than 21,000 employees.

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