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OXXO Gets Closer to Achieving Zero Waste Goal


  • 11,736 stores have waste separation infrastructure.
  • Last year, 88.5% of waste generated at distribution centers was recycled.
  • In 2020, more than 16,000 uniforms were recycled, almost 5 tons of recycled fabric.

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. June 4, 2021. – At OXXO, three out of five stores (11,736) have waste separation infrastructure. Likewise, during 2020, 88.5% of the waste generated at distribution centers was sent to recycling facilities—mainly paper, cardboard, plastic, and wooden pallets. Additionally, since 2020 we have implemented a pilot in a group of OXXO stores in Mexico City. The bagasse generated during coffee preparation is separated so customers can take it home and benefit from it.

Uniforms worn by employees contain 50% recycled PET polyester fiber and 50% cotton fiber, an example of OXXO Mexico’s environmental commitment. Also, since 2014, plastic materials in uniforms are recycled once they are removed at the end of their useful life.

Uniforms are collected and sent for recycling to the manufacturer, reusing them as raw material for cloth manufacture. Three uniforms are equivalent to one kilogram of material which they then turn into cloth rags. In 2020, the manufacturer recycled more than 16,000 uniforms during this process, almost five tons of recycled fabric.

Another example of planet-friendly actions is offering various alternatives for ecological bags at OXXO, including reusable bags—always in compliance with applicable regulations. This is in addition to the “No bag, thank you” program which invites customers to request a bag only when they need it.

These efforts are part of the commitment to caring for the environment of FEMSA Comercio and its three divisions: Proximity, Fuels, and Health, which promote the circular economy through innovative solutions and long-term sustainable strategies, such as recycling, reduction, and proper waste management, energy efficiency projects, use of renewable energy, rational water consumption and tree planting programs.

“At FEMSA Comercio, we seek to have the infrastructure and processes that contribute to environmental conservation and care, as well as to the Sustainable Development Goals, benefiting communities and environments where we operate—always in strict compliance with applicable regulations. Among our main goals are increase in recycled materials use, promotion of the circular economy, waste reduction generated in our operation, and adoption of recyclable products and supplies with a longer useful life,” said Abraham Garza, Environmental Manager at FEMSA Comercio.

For this reason, FEMSA Comercio has established a process to enable an infrastructure that allows for the correct disposal of different waste types generated in the work centers. This process complies with Zero Waste commitment from our operation to the sanitary landfill by 2030. Likewise, they have a sustainable disincorporation program through which 100% of obsolete and disused equipment and furniture are sent for recycling. In 2020 alone, more than 1,660 tons of material were revalued.

At the beginning of 2021 in Chile, OXXO and Coca-Cola joined efforts to install three clean points for neighbors in OXXO stores and promote recycling—mainly plastics, paper, cardboard, cans, Tetrapak, and glass. AcciĂłn Circular, a company, manages the recycling process and is expected to collect between 1,500 and 2,000 kilos of waste per month. The initiative joins OXXO’s returnable beverage sales program in Chile.


FEMSA is a company that generates economic and social value through companies and institutions and seeks to be the best employer and neighbor of the communities where it is present. It participates in retail trade through FEMSA Comercio, which comprises the Proximity Division and of which OXXO, a small-format retail store chain, is part; a Health Division that includes pharmacies and related activities; and a Fuels Division that operates the OXXO Gas service station chain. Coca-Cola FEMSA participates in the beverage industry, the world’s largest bottler of Coca-Cola products by sales volume; and in the beer sector, as the second largest shareholder in HEINEKEN, one of the world’s leading beer companies with a presence in more than 70 countries. FEMSA also participates in the logistics and distribution industry through FEMSA Strategic Businesses, which additionally provides refrigeration solutions at point-of-sale and plastic solutions to its companies and external clients. Through its Business Units it employs more than 320,000 collaborators in 13 countries. FEMSA is a member of the MILA Pacific Alliance Sustainability Index of the Dow Jones, of the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and of the Sustainable IPC of the Mexican Stock Exchange, among other indices that evaluate its sustainability performance.

About FEMSA Comercio

FEMSA Comercio is a company that generates economic and social value in the countries where it has operations. It operates different small-format retail chains in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador, among which are OXXO retail stores; YZA, Farmacon, Moderna, Cruz Verde, Fybeca, and SanaSana pharmacies; and Maicao beauty stores. It also operates service stations through the OXXO GAS brand. Through its business units, FEMSA Comercio employs more than 198,000 employees and serves more than 13 million consumers every day.

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