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OXXO GAS celebrates its 25th anniversary with more than 550 stations throughout the country


  • With more than 550 stations, it has a presence in 17 entities.
  • It implements inclusive culture programs to integrate the elderly as well as people with some type of disability.
  • 96% of the stations have LED technology for lighting to reduce energy consumption, dry urinals that reduce 100% of water consumption, and infrastructure for the separation of waste.

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. September 6, 2021. – OXXO GAS celebrates 25 years of existence in Mexico with a presence in 550 gas stations in 17 states of the country, making it one of the most important national service station companies, offering a quality service experience for motorists and carriers.

OXXO GAS, which began with two stations in Nuevo León, has focused on changing the way fuel is sold in Mexico by offering a quality and trustworthy service based on values that prioritize the talent and well-being of its employees and the greater satisfaction of its customers.

The company has implemented strategies for the benefit of an inclusive and equitable culture, transforming its team of more than 7,000 employees. From being a historical industry and mostly made up of men, today more than 24% of the OXXO GAS team is made up of women, and dozens of collaborators with some type of disability and elderly people work there too, which strengthens the mission of contributing to the development of people in vulnerable situations.

OXXO GAS also offers all of its collaborators training and development opportunities within the organization to facilitate their academic and professional improvement.

“Turning 25 years in 2021, especially after a very complicated year, shows our collaborators’ ability to adapt, get ahead and reinforce their daily commitment to our clients, while at the same time taking care of their health and that of their colleagues”, said Manuel A. Filizola Flores, Director of Fuels OXXO GAS.

Thanks to the daily work of OXXO GAS employees, the company has been recognized with awards such as the Gasoline Award for Labor Inclusion granted by ONEXPO, an association that has also recognized OXXO GAS within the field of gasoline leadership in Mexico, and Socially Responsible Company, awarded by Cemefi.   

Beyond the benefits linked to its presence, OXXO GAS has worked so that the communities around its stations benefit from contributions and the work of its volunteers. A recent example was the renovation of the Manuel J. Clouthier Park in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, so that entire families continue to develop socially through recreation, sports and coexistence.

Another of the company’s missions is caring for the environment and conserving the planet, which is why 96% of its stations have LED technology for lighting, which helps to reduce energy consumption, as well as dry urinals that reduce 100% of water consumption and infrastructure for the separation of waste in more than 95% of its stations.

In addition to complying with the highest quality standards in its facilities and work processes, OXXO GAS ensures that the liters that customers pay are the liters they receive, thanks to the periodic calibrations and maintenance that is carried out. As of July 2021, they began to implement their Complete Liters initiative in some regions. This initiative allows its customers to arrive at its stations, request a liter test if they want to and prove that the liters in OXXO GAS are complete. They currently offer the test in 9 states and will continue to extend coverage in the coming months.

In the coming years, OXXO GAS will maintain its commitment to work within the framework of a labor culture with value for its employees, customers and the development of Mexico.



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