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OXXO and Government of Mexico City Benefit Priority Groups

Mexico, March 15, 2016.– Through the Ministry of Social Development, OXXO and Mexico City’s Government signed a collaboration agreement to join forces and support food and social development programs. This agreement will be reflected in community activities and donations that will benefit the most vulnerable sector of the community directly. 

The first action of this agreement consists in OXXO’s donation of nine tons of rice, which will be used for the production of 33 thousand rations of food for community kitchens and canteens run by Mexico City’s Government and for food packages of the “Feed Yourself” project. This action will benefit more than 65 thousand people daily. 

“It is with this vision of food security that we are carrying out various tasks. One of these tasks is to strengthen these canteens, because to this day we have more than 300 and have authorized the resources to reach 500 in Mexico City”, said the Head of Government of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera. “Mexico City is making a call so that this zero-food-waste strategy reaches a nationwide level. If we can achieve that, then we can avoid food being thrown out and wasted. We can do this strategy with convenience stores and restaurants too”, he added. 

The agreement, which will be valid for one year, will generate benefits in the area of public social policy, since programs such as “Neighborhood Improvement” and “CDMX Needs You”, which are intended to support marginalized areas and the recovery of public areas, will be promoted.

“It is a pleasure to work with Mexico City’s authorities. As a good neighbor, we want to contribute to the welfare of the population. We are convinced that our commitment with society beats our commercial value, therefore we have a social responsibility program called OXXO PRO, aimed at addressing three strategic areas: our employees, our community and the environment. In this agreement with Mexico City’s community, our efforts will be channeled through our OXXO Volunteers and Actions with Value programs, which are focused on improving the quality of life and support civil society projects”, said OXXO Zona Centro Director, Gerardo Figueroa Álvarez. 

“We were in contact with FEMSA and OXXO, and today we launched something completely unprecedented for the government food systems: the donation of three tons of rice that on a monthly basis will be used by Mexico City’s Community Kitchens, composed by women and neighbors that, alongside the Public Canteens, serve more than eight million 200 thousand people every year”, said Mexico City’s Social Development Secretary, José Ramón Amieva Gálvez. 

These partnerships enable synergies between the government and the private sector to promote equity and equal opportunities for priority groups. The support will be given to the Social Development Ministry, which will be responsible for transferring them to the beneficiaries directly, timely and in the shortest time possible. 

FEMSA Comercio has a sustainability strategy that includes social responsibility initiatives aimed at positively transforming the communities in which it operates. Among the actions taken during 2015, are work inclusion of 592 employees with disabilities and 1,331 seniors; the investment of 23.8 million pesos in 291 community activities; the repair and rehabilitation of 212 public spaces; 447 volunteer activities with more than 19 thousand participants; and the planting and maintenance of 16 thousand trees. 

Nationally, as part of its social responsibility program, last year OXXO contributed 24.8 million pesos to community and volunteer activities. In addition, through its PRO Redondeo program, OXXO’s clients donated 100.8 million pesos to different social causes while OXXO itself invested 6.5 million pesos to make this program possible.

Only in Mexico City 26 community actions and 30 volunteer activities have taken place, and through OXXO’s PRO Redondeo program, OXXO’s clients managed to raise nearly seven million pesos that will benefit 15 institutions throughout 2015. 


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FEMSA Comercio operates several retail chin stores in Mexico, Chile  and Colombia, such as OXXO, YZA Pharmacies, Moderna, Farmacon, Cruz Verde Pharmacies and Maico beauty stores. It also operated gas stations under the brand OXXO Gas and the fast food restaurants Doña Tota. Through its different formats, FEMSA Comercio serves more than 11.1 million consumers every day.

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