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FEMSA Foundation and OXXO Gas paint Monterrey Green by Planting 1,250 Trees

Monterrey, Nuevo León, December 7, 2015.– Under the frame of FEMSA’s 125th Anniversary, FEMSA Foundation and OXXO Gas once again made an alliance with Reforestación Extrema A.C. and the Monterrey Water Fund, to plant 1,250 trees in 125 different spots of Monterrey City, which will bring multiple benefits for the environment and ecosystem.

According to WHO, Monterrey and its metropolitan area are considered the urban center with the worst air quality in Latin America, and one of the cities with the least amount of trees per capita in the country, according to the Reforestation Program of the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey. Thus, with this tree planting project, FEMSA Foundation and OXXO Gas seek to improve the quality of life of the people living in that area.

OXXO Gas, a company governed by the highest quality standards and a high commitment to the environment, will carry out this project with the participation of its Volunteer Network, with which it seeks to leave a cultural, forestry and environmental heritage in the state of Nuevo León, by revitalizing 125 urban spaces.

“With this project, we strengthen the actions implemented in Nuevo Leon, where, since 2009,    we have taken on the task of planting more than 1,300 native trees in our State Service Stations, as part of our “Fill your Season with Life” program”, said OXXO Gas’ CEO, Rolando Vázquez Carrillo. “The goal is to improve our environment, and it has earned us the recognition of the State Government for our efforts to mitigate greenhouse gases”.

In addition to capture approximately 800 kilos of carbon dioxide annually after three years, the trees will bring other benefits, such as reducing acoustic noise and thermal load on the near surface between 8° and 10° Celsius. They will also help capture powders and particles, and therefore will reduce environmental contingencies that happen due to atmospheric contamination. Additionally, they help the recovery and creation of spaces for public use. The trees and their characteristics will be included in a public platform that will record their health status to ensure their survival and the continuity of the environmental services they provide.

“This initiative is part of the efforts of social investment we make in communities through actions that seek to have a measurable and sustainable return in time”, said FEMSA Foundation Director, Mariano Montero. “By including these trees in the public inventory of Mexico Urban Forest, we make sure to keep track of the environmental impact we provide to the city in a transparent manner and that it is a benefit that lasts”.

Within the places considered for planting the trees, a catalog of public land was considered, which also included sidewalks, municipal parks and alleys. All these spaces meet the requirements for creating or enhancing environmental services and recover the public space such as: adequate access to water, benefitted community and participant community.

To ensure the success of this activity, a strict methodology was conducted to guarantee the proper installation and maintenance of each of the trees. The plants used during the campaign are native species selected according to the particular environmental conditions of each place, among which the most notably are: ebony, mesquite, acacia, anacahuita, anacua, elm, among others.

It is scheduled to plan all the trees in a year, so if any member of the community wishes to join this task, they are cordially invited; please visit: www.reforestaciónextrema.org for more information.


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FEMSA Foundation is a social investment instrument that supports both the conservation and sustainable use of water and the improvement of the quality of life of the community through the application of education, science, and technology.

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