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FEMSA Collection and the XLII International Cervantine Festival Present 300 years of Technological Innovations

Guanajuato, Guanajuato., October 12, 2015.– Throughout 125 years, FEMSA has promoted several initiatives aimed at improving economic, social and environmental development in the communities where it operates. Through its Itinerant Expositions’ Program, FEMSA shares its collection in Mexico and abroad, promoting education in its different facets through the dissemination of culture and art.  

On this occasion, the exhibition “Visual History of Calculus. Mathematical Technology 1600-1929. Historical Precedents and Great Achievements”, made up of 66 photographs that give visual testimony of the progress of the technological development of the machines that preceded the creation of the computer, is present under the XLII International Cervantine Festival. 

The sample, property of FEMSA Collection, is the most complete visual record of IBM’s computing devices collection, captured by the photographer Andrew Neuhart, showing the vision of great scientists, mathematicians and philosophers that, throughout history, had some influence on the evolution of computing tools. 

“To be able to share with the public this important exhibition that gives testimony of the history and evolution of technology in the world, is of great value for FEMSA Collection. Having a visual tour of these 300 years provides insight into the evolution of computing devices, as well as the great achievements of our ancestors. We are very pleased to present this selection of photos in such a known forum as the XLII International Cervantine Festival, which receives us with open arms for the second time”, said FEMSA’s Cultural Program Manager, Rosa María Rodríguez.  

In 1982, Andrew Neuhart captured into images the objects and devices of IBM’s founder, Thomas J. Watson’s collection, which he began in early 1930s. Later, in 1993, the collection dispersed, so that now the photographs represent a true visual testimony of the machines that are part of the first mechanical computer advances. 

“These images represent the technological innovation of the machines that preceded the creation of the computer. The computing devices were developed through investigation, analysis and experimentation. It is a pleasure to receive such an important exhibition in this cultural space” said Diego Rivera Museum and Home Director, Martín Aguirre Huerta.  

“Visual History of Calculus. Mathematical Technology 1600-1929. Historical Precedents and Great Achievements”, takes place thanks to the collaboration of OXXO, Coca-Cola FEMSA and FEMSA Collection. It is displayed simultaneously in two locations of Guanajuato: the Diego Rivera Museum and Home, from October 7th to November the 1st; and at the fences of Alhóndiga de Granaditas, from October 7th to October 25th of the present year. 

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About FEMSA Collection

FEMSA Collection is regarded as one of the most important private collections in Latin America; it has over 1,200 works from diverse artistic expressions such as painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic, photography, and installation. It offers a tour of Latin America’s modern and contemporary art, with an emphasis on Mexican Art. FEMSA Collection was born in 1977 as part of the company’s commitment to the comprehensive development of its employees, their families, and the communities where they grow. The works in the Collection depict the evolution, plurality, and richness of Latin American art throughout the twentieth century. FEMSA shares its Collection with the most diverse communities in Mexico and the world through an active program of itinerant exhibitions, thus fulfilling its goal of promoting art appreciation while supplementing the company’s historical efforts to boost education in its different facets.


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