Coca-Cola FEMSA acknowledges environmental commitment of students from Estado de Mexico during the Recycling Olympics - FEMSA
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Coca-Cola FEMSA acknowledges environmental commitment of students from Estado de Mexico during the Recycling Olympics

Estado de Mexico, February 26, 2015. – In 2014, Estado de Mexico and Tamaulipas hosted the Fourth Recycling Olympics where 381,000 students from elementary, junior high and high schools vied for the recognition and awards destined for the top winners in two categories: total accumulated collection and collection per capita. As a group, they collected more than 4,796 tons of PET bottles.

“I Recycle” is a program implemented by Coca-Cola FEMSA that aims to strengthen the culture of recycling through the collection of PET containers. This initiative promotes healthy competition and teamwork in addition to generating the practice and replication of this learning in the students’ homes.

“For us, it is essential to have sustainability initiatives that impact positively on our communities. With “I Recycle”, we strengthen the actions with value that Coca-Cola FEMSA supports, looking to raise sensibility among the population while creating an ecological awareness. We are convinced that our commitment towards the environment continues, therefore we will keep on strengthening these programs in support of our community,” said Armando Leyva Mondragon, Manager of Corporate Affairs at Coca-Cola FEMSA.

During the Fourth Recycling Olympics, we awarded the prize for volume to the Public High School #29, which collected a little over 18 tons, becoming the school that has collected more PET in the history of the Recycling Olympics. In the same manner, as part of its commitment to incentivizing sustainability, Coca-Cola FEMSA awarded the winning school with 12 solar cells with the intention of reducing the consumption of electricity by using alternate energy sources, benefitting the planet and the 200+ students committed to the environment that study in this institution.

The runner-up was the Public High School # 0467 “Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos” with 14,581 kilograms of PET, and the Public High School “Anexa a la Normal de Amecameca” achieved the third place with 14,099 kilograms of PET. The three schools collected in total 46,695 kilograms of PET in the category of volume.

In the category of per capita collection, the kindergarten school “Enrique C. Rebsamen” placed first with 47 kilograms of PET collected, the runner-up was the Telesecundaria Junior High School “Juan Rulfo” with 43.19 kilograms of PET, and the third place was for the Kindergarten school “Jorge Jimenez Cantu” with 39.86 kilograms of PET.


Since 2009, Coca-Cola FEMSA has promoted a culture of recycling through this program, which has created immediate and positive benefits for the environment since it creates energy savings in the production process and requires a lesser amount of virgin material for manufacturing the new bottles.

In addition to Mexico, countries such as Argentina, Costa Rica, and Colombia have also benefitted from the programs supported by Coca-Cola FEMSA that focus on collecting and recycling plastic packaging in addition to a better use and handling of waste.



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