Bepensa Foundation continues the work of recycling PET in alliance with YZA Pharmacies, installing new containers - FEMSA
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Bepensa Foundation continues the work of recycling PET in alliance with YZA Pharmacies, installing new containers


CancĂșn, Quintana Roo, Tuesday May 16, 2023.- In a continuous effort to raise awareness among the population about the correct disposal and recycling of PET, and to celebrate World Recycling Day, Bepensa Foundation announces its new alliance with YZA Pharmacies to place ReQPET containers in 20 branches in the city.

ReQPET is Bepensa Foundation’s program that has been in charge of the permanent collection of PET in the Yucatan Peninsula for more than 10 years. It currently operates with more than a thousand centers installed in public places. The recovered empty PET containers are sent to PetStar, the largest Mexican food grade PET recycling plant in the world, which integrates them into a sustainable circular economy with social value.

Each piece of produced and recovered PET undergoes a treatment that returns it to a state of 100% recycled resin, which can be used in new containers. This allows it to be given a continuous cycle of use without bringing new plastic into the world.

In a first phase, 20 containers will serve to receive the PET plastic from users, which will be collected periodically

The presentation of the agreement was attended by Carlos Martín Briceño, Director of Bepensa Foundation; Nallely Camacho Martínez, Manager of Environmental Projects at Bepensa Foundation; Mercedes Ávila Alamilla, Head of Environmental Projects at the Bepensa Foundation; Manuel Sulub Pérez, Operations Manager for the Southeast Area of YZA Pharmacies; Alma Georgina Estrada Mejía, Human Resources Coordinator of Quintana Roo YZA Pharmacies; and José Padilla Martínez, Head of Operations at YZA Pharmacies.

“Today we mark another milestone and we reaffirm our commitment to our planet by working in synergy with Bepensa Foundation for the installation and operation of containers for the collection and recycling of PET waste. We seek to be another ally in this positive network of collecting, evaluating waste, and contributing to reducing its environmental impact. YZA Pharmacies will always seek benefits for society, since our main interest is to contribute to its development and positive transformation while at the same time creating economic, social and environmental value”, said Manuel Sulub PĂ©rez of YZA Pharmacies.

Carlos Briceño, Director of Bepensa Foundation, recognized and thanked YZA Pharmacies for their commitment to be part of this program and encourage the Cancun community to join forces to achieve a world without waste. He also highlighted that Bepensa Foundation has been working for the environment through ReQPET for more than ten years, so we can be sure that this alliance will consist of a solid program with a big impact.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is one of the most widely used materials in the world, as it is resistant and respectful of the environment, since it is fully recyclable. Therefore, to make the most of the advantages of this material, it is important to implement separation, collection and recycling processes that help to recover and reuse the highest possible percentage so that it can return to the production chains, reducing its environmental impact.

Just like Bepensa Foundation, YZA Pharmacies is committed to caring for and preserving the environment, using resources sustainably and reducing the environmental impact of its operations. It achieves this through systemic strategies in different areas, such as the use of recycled materials in supplies and its comprehensive waste management, which more than 80% is recycled in its Distribution Centers.

We invite all the residents of Cancun to separate and dispose of their PET waste at the different ReQPET collection points at YZA Pharmacies, which they can find on the website.


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