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26 Feb 2015

We are celebrating

And we have a very good reason, this year FEMSA celebrates the 125th anniversary of its founding and there is plenty to celebrate: from its trajectory, to its accomplishments, vision, and future.

Let us celebrate that FEMSA is one of the few Mexican corporations that has grown together with this country and has expanded into other lands, achieving 125 years of success.

To celebrate FEMSA’s 125th anniversary, through FEMSA Informa, we will review its history learning about its origins while paying respects to all those who have made the company’s growth and permanence possible throughout the years.

Cervecería Cuauhtémoc opened its doors in Monterrey, Mexico on November 8, 1890 thus beginning what we know today as FEMSA. The brewery used the most advanced technology of its time and started with 72 employees and a daily production of 1,500 beer bottles and 5 tons of ice.

The company’s sales territory at the time encompassed the City of Monterrey and Northeastern Mexico. Customers readily accepted the beer because of its excellent quality and price, which was lower than imported beers.

As the years went by, growth happened quickly and by 1910, annual production ranged from 16 to 17 million liters of beer – 800 times the volume at the beginning. In addition to this growth, by 1910, there were over 1,300 employees, who together with their families became an essential part of the company; they were supported with diverse pioneering programs of social development with benefits in education, housing, and health standing out.

In those years, the country underwent a very favorable situation in favor of the development of industries and an increase in foreign investment thanks to the political, economic, and social stability that the nation was experiencing for the first time since its independence in 1821. It also benefitted from the introduction of new technologies that strengthened growth such as the railroad, the telegraph, and electric lights.

The brands sold by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc in 1910 were Carta Blanca, Bohemia, Indio, Kloster, Salvator, Monterrey Estrella, and Saturno.