Code of Ethics - FEMSA

Code of Ethics


Our Code of Ethics is the basis of FEMSA’s responsible business conduct, which is distinguished by our way of acting with respect, honesty and integrity. The code establishes the fundamental principles and standards that guide our ethical behavior in our relations with our shareholders, customers, suppliers, authorities, civil organizations, environmental, community and everyone who interacts with FEMSA. It also indicates the mechanisms to follow in the case of reporting any breach, conduct or practice that does not comply with the Code of Ethics and corporate policies.


The code, approved by the Board of Directors, applies to members of the Board and employees in all the countries where we operate. Also, we request our goods and services suppliers to stick to the Guiding Principles for Suppliers of FEMSA, which communicate what we expect from them in terms of labor rights, environment, community, ethics and values; in other words, how they manage their areas of sustainability.

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