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8 Oct 2014

They sign up to play, learn, and share their knowledge

As part of FEMSA’s efforts to stimulate learning, movement, optimism, and leadership in students, 90 teachers from the regional headquarters at Guapiles, Sarapiqui, and Limon, Costa Rica, participated in the theoretical and practical training of the program “Sign Up to Play” where they learned to make the best use of the physical space of their schools.

“Sign Up to Play” has benefitted over 74 thousand students in Costa Rica through training programs for teachers and the donation of sports material to 197 public schools throughout the country.

We have trained over 300 teachers in this program in Costa Rica, on this occasion, the activities took place at the facilities of EARTH University in the Caribbean, where participants learned routines to support their students cultivating a healthy lifestyle as well as visiting an exhibit of sports materials that will be delivered to 60 public schools of the region.