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31 Jul 2014

They have a great mission

“Kids to the rescue of the planet” is a program that provides the tools to educate the children that will become spokespersons of what truly matters.

This initiative brings topics of ecology, recycling, and renewable energies to children of public schools in Panama.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Central America and the platform of International Active Organization 20-30, joined efforts so that students could become spokespeople of the principles of an environmental culture.

More than 3,500 students from six public schools of Panama participate in the program “Kids to the Rescue of the Planet” which looks to educate and raise awareness about issues such as ecosystems, recycling, and reutilization of materials, renewable energies, adequate use of water, and the protection of forests.

We will supplement this effort with an annual initiative of Environmental Education focused on the correct management and treatment of waste produced by houses and educational centers, and the rational use of water and energy.

Additionally, we foresee replicating this experience in Costa Rica, thus benefitting more than 8 thousand children in the region.