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7 Oct 2015

These systems lower costs and optimize points of sale

Based on their client’s needs, Imbera and creative research agency INDICA launch Imbera Link® and Polaris® respectively. These are two innovative and comprehensive systems. Technology becomes an ally with these intelligent solutions, which will aid Imbera and INDICA’s clients to improve their operation and performance. The fast technological changes we are currently experiencing turn some products easily obsolete. Thus, the innovation of a product or service lets us keep up, detecting through analysis changes on any of the needs of a client, performing the necessary adjustments. Imbera and creative research agency INDICA are constantly searching for innovation. With this premise, and the needs of their clients well defined, these companies are launching two intelligent solutions: Imbera Link® and Polaris®, which are systems operating independently. However, if any need requires the interaction of these two systems, it happens without a hitch. Practical and innovative solutions Imbera Link® focuses on lowering the hidden Total Cost of Ownership of cooling equipment. We can highlight the reduction of equipment loss, sales productivity, interconnection and reading of the units, and reporting among the benefits of this comprehensive system. Polaris® was born from the need detected during the analysis, which consists on the importance of having greater accuracy, drawing the strategic route with all the data we can obtain at Point of Sale. Polaris ® lets clients optimize the presence of equipment, furniture and communication in the market. It works by using sampling or census, analyzing and diagnosing the main indicators at Point of Sale: external communication, business niches, number of accesses and lightning at the business, local geographical reference, assortment, and competitors, among others. This is an example of how Imbera keeps up to date and of its solid commitment to the development of innovative solutions that benefit the clients and the company. For further exploration, please visit: