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18 Dic 2014

Skilled and responsible drivers receive awards

Companies that voluntarily join the Clean Transportation program have the firm intention of promoting efficiency and adopting practices to reduce fuel consumption, among other aims.

Every year, the Clean Transportation Program, represented by Mexico’s Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), recognize cargo and passenger transportation companies that demonstrate efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly performance after adopting sustainable technologies and strategies in their operations.

This year the award ceremony was held on October 16 in Toluca, State of Mexico, where 92 companies were recognized for their environmental performance. The companies hosting the event were FEMSA Logística, Coca-Cola FEMSA, OXXO and Heineken, founding partners since 2010 in this effort to encourage practices that reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emission and transportation costs, and which were also recognized for their excellent environmental performance.

Thanks to Clean Transportation, more than 3 million metric tons of CO2 are no longer being released into the atmosphere, helping to mitigate global warming. These results are supported by more than 40 courses providing technical-economic driver training, resulting in fuel consumption savings of between 10% and 50%.