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30 Jun 2014

Preaching by example goes a long way

The best evidence of our commitment to the environment is the testimony of our actions, and PTM is a clear example of this, because it voluntarily reports on its carbon emissions every year through the GEI Mexico report, a national volunteer accounting and greenhouse gas reporting initiative that promotes a reduction in GHG emissions.
Because of this, the Commission for Private-Sector Studies for Sustainable Develoment (CESPEDES), in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), presented a medal to PTM in recognition of its voluntary reporting.
The award event was attended by Cuauhtémoc Ochoa Fernández, Under Secretary of Promotion and Environmental Regulation at SEMARNAT, and Luis Farías Martínez, Chairman of CESPEDES. Congratulations to all of PTM’s associates for their contribution to environmental care.