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10 Ago 2015

A polygon full of trees

Residents of Edison Polygon marked the planting of tree number 2,000 in this neighborhood located in downtown Monterrey. The Polygon’s residents, OXXO volunteers, and members of 12 civilian associations worked together to transform this space into an urban forest. Trees are life because they contribute to the absorption of CO2, the prevention of soil erosion caused by wind and water, and the purification of air in the cities, to name a few. Therefore, FEMSA Comercio has included reforestation into its diverse volunteering efforts and specifically at Edison Polygon, a space formed by eight neighborhoods surrounding FEMSA Comercio’s corporate offices in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. Planting 2,000 trees was possible thanks to the participation and commitment of the Polygon’s residents. More than 300 people participated in the event on July 13, among them, neighborhood residents, employees of FEMSA Comercio’s corporate offices, Mr. Joseph Pomper – United States’ Consul for the city of Monterrey, and Brenda Sanchez – acting in representation of the city’s Secretary of Human and Social Development. The 2,000 trees planted are equivalent to creating a 40,000-square-meter green area, if we were to place them on a line, it would extend along 10 kilometers. In order to keep records for each tree planted at Edison Polygon, we used, where you can review the location, the species, features, and physical context in which we planted each tree. "The reforestation program is relevant not only in environmental terms – promoting tree planting and the knowledge of native species– but also in terms of the construction of community bonds – beautifying streets and boulevards, and strengthening neighborhood networks," said Ms. Cordelia Portilla, Head of Social Responsibility at OXXO. In addition to these activities, the Edison Polygon has access to comprehensive efforts such as scholarships, workshops, neighborhood groups, and cultural events in health and welfare topics, led by FEMSA Foundation. This reinforces the company’s commitment to building a better society.