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30 Jun 2014

Playing this way is very healthy

So far, 84,800 kids, 258 teachers and 181 public schools in Nicaragua can talk about the benefits of the “Let’s Play” (Apúntate a Jugar) program that the Coca-Cola system and the Ministry of Education have introduced to the country.

This program, which provides physical activity and development for schoolchildren, encourages a love of exercise and a fun way of learning. In 2014 the program was brought once again to the community of Nicaragua.

This year the program will support 50 public schools, benefiting more than 24,000 students and 150 schoolteachers, the purpose of which is to promote motor, cognitive and social-emotional development among schoolchildren through play.

“Let’s Play” provides donations of sports equipment, training for teachers, and the use of physical space within schools.