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22 Sep 2015

A pallet that favors exports

Factors like process automation, transportation, weight, uniformity, use and exemption from phytosanitary regulations are all taken into account when choosing plastic pallets, which are also ideal for export processes. Aware of these benefits, PTM launched its first plastic pallet, called the One Way, whose features are perfect for supporting FEMSA exports. The One Way pallet has many advantages: »Uniformity: Precise dimensions, easy process automation and reduction of product protrusion (the product stays within the pallet). »No nails or splinters: Reduces product damage, is safer for employers and reduces down time. »Lighter: Lower transportation costs and easier handling. »Waterproof material: Does not absorb bacteria; easily cleaned. »It is also environmentally friendly, because it is made out of recycled plastic and is in turn 100% recyclable.