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9 Abr 2015

Olympics where everyone is a winner

Winners of the Recycling Olympics receive awards in Tamaulipas and Estado de Mexico. Students from elementary and junior high schools participated in this contest alongside their parents and teachers. The Recycling Olympics’ Awards Ceremony took place in February; the contest collected a great amount of PET bottles, thus helping the environment. The Recycling Olympics look to collect and reuse waste materials to help the conservation of the environment; this initiative is part of Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico’s program “I Recycle.” In this contest, elementary and junior high school students, their parents, and teachers vie to collect the greater possible amount of PET bottles. Since 2009, we have carried out the Recycling Olympics in the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz, and in the Valley of Mexico, generating immediate and positive benefits for the environment since recycling produces energy savings in production and asks for lower amounts of virgin material for manufacturing new bottles. During the Third Recycling Olympics on Tamaulipas, which took place on February 24, the winners received their awards for collecting 34,873 kilograms of PET in the categories Collection per Capita and Collection per Volume. In Estado de Mexico, the Fourth Recycling Olympics took place on February 26, achieving a collection of 4,796 tons of PET bottles in the categories mentioned before. We transform the recycled material into food-grade resin flakes apt for the production of new bottles.