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7 Oct 2015

The most wanted

Bitz, an exclusive brand of OXXO, has earned the preference of consumers thanks to its quality and flavor. OXXO successfully sells exclusive brand snacks at its stores, achieving a good positioning in everyone’s preference. OXXO’s exclusive brands have taken an important role in the market; clients recognize, accept, and buy them. Such is the case of Bitz, which arrived at OXXO stores in 2011 looking to gain a position as one of the clients’ favorites. As time has passed and due to the need for continuous innovation, Bitz has broaden its product portfolio -currently 70+ products- to satisfy, through its different presentations, the needs for sweet or salty cravings, great to share in gatherings. . As part of this growth, Bitz has recently integrated new products to its portfolio, offering as always an excellent quality and flavor: - Personal snacks: spicy twist, home-style vinegar potato chips, and home-style chili pepper and cheese potato chips. - Trail Mix Bars: granola with chocolate chips, granola covered with chocolate, granola with marshmallows, trail mix and granola with yogurt y almonds. - Bitz whole wheat bars: cranberry, pineapple, and strawberry. - Marie biscuits. - Pineapple, strawberry, and cranberry cookies. - Trail Mix tropical breakfast and granola breakfast.