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31 Jul 2014

More trees to heal the air

OXXO Gas became a three-time recipient of the Nuevo León’s Award in the category of Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases Emission, due to its effort in planting 500 endemic trees.

The program “Fill-up your station with life” from OXXO Gas has helped decrease the heat island phenomenon with the retention of CO2 from the environment.

The best remedy to counteract the greenhouse effect, produced by CO2 emissions into the environment, is the oxygen generated by plants and trees. By planting 597 trees like retamas, palo blanco, holm oak, evergreen oak, and ebony, OXXO Gas has contributed to the retention of 4 and a half tons of carbon Dioxide from the environment, as part of the program “Fill-up your station with life.”

Thanks to this effort, OXXO GAS received for the third time the Nuevo León Award for the Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases Emission 2014 from the hands of Governor Mr. Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz. This award highlights the companies that have implemented projects or programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, achieving significant results.

With the generation of a forestry density in the totality of its service stations with species endemic to the region, OXXO Gas reduces the “heat island” phenomenon while retaining or capturing CO2 from the environment.

The effort is continuous, because OXXO GAS employees are in charge of maintaining and caring for the gardens to guarantee that they meet their environmental impact.