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31 Mar 2014

Less CO2 in the environment, better health for everyone

Coca-Cola FEMSA, FEMSA Comercio and FEMSA Logistics were recognized for their efforts to preserve the environment, which benefits us all.

Mexico’s Clean Transport Program recognized these companies for their reduction of this contaminating gas by 44.4%, 9.3% and 21.5%, respectively.

This is the result of initiatives like the Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Integral Vehicular Program (IVP), which includes more efficient transportation processes, accompanied by a focus on culture, training and highway safety. The result has been a reduction in accidents and more efficient deliveries.

The rest of the Business Units have established initiatives like adopting green technologies, designing and using more efficient transportation (configurations) and training drivers in eco-efficient driving, electronic transmissions and the use of self-inflating tire systems; they are also required to use a specialized route optimization software.

The Clean Transport Program is promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication and the National Commission on Energy Use Efficiency.

The Units report that their fleets were able to reduce emissions as follows in 2012:

Business Unit Reduction of C02 emissions Metric tons of C02 saved

Coca-Cola FEMSA 44.4% 24,976

FEMSA Comercio 9.3% 2,412

FEMSA Logistics 21.5% 18,029