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22 Jul 2015

Increasingly committed

Socially Responsible Company distinction awarded for outstanding achievement in this field The recognitions and awards received by FEMSA and its Business Units are a sign of their commitment to society through actions that benefit their people, community and the planet, all part of the Sustainability Strategy. This way of working earned them recognition through the Socially Responsible Company (SRC) prize, awarded on May 8 by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi). This year, Plásticos Técnicos Mexicanos (PTM), received the award for the first time in recognition of its sustainability actions, including the recovery and recycling of more than 14,000 metric tons of waste in 2014. Coca-Cola FEMSA, FEMSA Logística, Imbera and OXXO all received the award for the tenth time, and FEMSA Corporativo for the ninth time. This confirms that sustainability is part of the philosophy of FEMSA and its Business Units.