30 Jan 2013

Inaugural ceremony of the Protein Research and Development Center (CIDPRO)

  • CIDPRO is a joint initiative of FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Dharma Capital, and FEMSA
  • Its goal is to develop new proteins with high nutrimental and functional value using innovative bioprocesses with the purpose of supporting nutrition in Latin America.

Monterrey, Nuevo León, January 30,- Wishing to support the nutritional challenges of Latin America, the Protein Research and Development Center (CIDPRO) was inaugurated today, the project was driven by FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Dharma Capital, and FEMSA as part of their commitment to nutrition and development in Latin America.

CIDPRO employs innovative bioprocesses, vanguard technology, and a talented team of scientists and researchers in the creation of new proteins with high nutritional and functional value. During the first phase of this project their work will focus on the food industry with a possible widening of their research lines to other types of industries in the future.

“At CIDPRO we have an amalgam of projects: some of them with imminent transference, others which are still in prototypical and developmental stage and some others which are in an incipient stage. The portfolio is broad, but the most important issue is to achieve a protein with the characteristics of an animal protein which can act as a food additive and which can be incorporated in a wide variety of foods”, stated Manuel Zertuche, PhD, from FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center.

“The Protein Research and Development Center (CIDPRO) is, without a doubt, an innovative initiative driving the creation of new industries and positively influencing the quality of life of millions of people. Our commitment is to create simultaneous economic and social value; therefore we have supported FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center at Tecnológico de Monterrey since its conception. We are convinced that its model for developing projects applied to solving community problems is the best way to generate value” said José Antonio Fernández Carbajal, CEO and Chairman of the Board of FEMSA.

The Center works with emerging technologies with a model that links science, technology and business making it a unique institution in its class. Currently it is supported by the infrastructure of FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center at Tecnológico de Monterrey and starting the second quarter of 2013 it will have its own facilities including infrastructure, equipment and tools, intellectual property, a team of scientists and researchers and a pilot plant in Allende, Nuevo León.

This innovative initiative will help foster the creation of new industries which will positively impact the quality of life of millions of people.

“The development of proteins is an interesting and profitable option, and as of today the only viable solution, to respond to the strong global demographic growth. The advantage of this Center is that it will not only help improving Latin America’s nutrition but that its protein research can help in many other issues such as the development of pharmaceutical and cosmetology treatments and even industrial applications,” commented José Manuel Landa of Dharma Capital business group.


About FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center

FEMSA’s Biotechnology Center is a research center applying science to technological development and to the generation of business opportunities.

It integrates leading international researches in order to create multidisciplinary teams in technological research thus providing solutions for the needs of industries related to life sciences. In this manner the activities developing at the Center focus on three main areas: Bioprocesses Engineering, Food Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

Research is focused not just on the generation of knowledge, the publication of scientific articles and the preparation of human resources on a level of excellence but also in the generation of patents, technological solutions for industries, technology transference and in the generation and incubation of new technology-based businesses.

About Tecnológico de Monterrey

Tecnológico de Monterrey is a university with domestic and international standing with 31 campuses throughout Mexico and 23 international offices located in 14 countries. It has two domestic post-graduate schools: EGADE Business School and EGAP Government and Public Policy.

Its educational offering includes a wide range of Bachelor’s Degrees, Specializations, Master’s Degrees, Medical Specialties and Doctor’s Degrees in diverse areas as well as four high school programs.

Tecnológico de Monterrey is accredited by the Higher Education Private Mexican Institutions Federation (Mexico) and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) of the United States.

Its undergraduate and graduate academic programs are specifically endorsed by domestically and internationally recognized organizations. It performs scientific and technological research in strategic areas in order to satisfy the social, economic, and environmental needs of the country.

With regards to social development the Sustainable Social Development programs are present in underserved communities throughout the country through the Community Learning Centers and the social Incubators with the support from students and teachers.


FEMSA is a leading Enterprise participating in the beverage industry through Coca-Cola FEMSA, the largest bottler of Coca-Cola products in the world; in the retail industry with OXXO, the largest and fastest-growing store chain in Latin America; and in the beer industry, as the second largest stockholder in Heineken, one of the leading brewers in the world operating in over 70 countries.

About Dharma Capital

Dharma Capital is a business group from Monterrey, Mexico participating in the technology, basic foods, public transportation, real estate, technology, and financial sectors. From it foundation, Dharma Capital has had a strong focus on innovation which, through proprietary technologies, has led it to create a value chain ranging from financing farmers, trading grain and raw materials to the production and marketing of high added value products. It also has presence in the United States and Canada.




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