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7 Oct 2015

On guard!

Without a doubt, Nutridefensas – a new beverage available in Costa Rica – is the best defense for our bodies. It includes vitamins that help strengthen our immune system. Nutridefensas is a delicious option that will be available for sale at schools, favoring the health of children. Jugos Del Valle is always looking to improve its products and broaden its portfolio, bringing increasingly robust options that are not only refreshing but also nutritious. This is the reason behind introducing Nutridefensas in the Costa Rican market. Nutridefensas is a new beverage option offering the perfect mix of vitamins C and E, and Zinc, which supports the normal operation of our immune system. This product complies with Costa Rica’s “Regulation for the operation and administration of soda services at public educational centers,” enabling Nutridefensas to be present in schools. Nutridefensas comes in a 200-mililiter presentation in peach and grape flavors; it offers just 40 calories per container and uses sugar and stevia as sweeteners.