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8 Oct 2014

Entrepreneurs get our full support

FEMSA finds it essential to support people who are looking for a way to set-up their own businesses and offer something new to the market. Thus, during Entrepreneur Week, we presented FEMSA’s platform, which focuses on stimulating, supporting, and developing innovative entrepreneurships that aim to develop strategic economic sectors and foster sustainable job creation in Mexico.

Entrepreneur Week is the most important entrepreneurial forum in the country; Mexico’s Government organizes it and targets entrepreneurs and MSMEs that focus on setting up new businesses or consolidating existing efforts.

FEMSA participates in the entrepreneurial ecosystem providing structure, relationships, and monitoring through a coordinating team. Moreover, it supplies financial and human resources in order to ensure the survival of the projects incorporated in the program.

For the past years, FEMSA has integrated a team of allies who work in each stage entrepreneurs have to cross in what they have termed “The Entrepreneur Path.” These stages are: creating high-impact innovative ideas, validating ideas in the market in order to transform them into profitable business models, developing capacities among entrepreneurs, professionalizing high-impact business models, and detonating high-impact companies in benefit of the community and our planet.