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26 Feb 2015

Education is the vehicle of dreams

Therefore, FEMSA’s Social Development System has supported three programs that contribute to education in diverse levels, boosted by our Volunteers’ Network RED.

Studying High School, getting ready for owning a business, or supplementing elementary studies are activities that FEMSA has undertaken in order to make many dreams come true.

People say that knowing gives the wings necessary for flying, thus, education is essential for a society that wishes to take flight into new horizons. FEMSA’s Social Development System has implemented the corporate initiative FEMSA’s Volunteers’ Network RED, which participates with one of its action lines, Education and Employability, as tutor in the programs Prepanet, Impulsa, and Educacion con Valor, which take place in Mexico looking to support education in several levels.

Prepanet, is an initiative of the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey that benefits people facing economic challenges to finish their studies; this program takes place throughout Mexico. Impulsa, on the other hand, promotes educational development of children and teenagers of elementary and junior high school levels in the city of Monterrey, Mexico providing motivation and educating them as entrepreneurs. Educacion con Valor, collaborates with the Instituto Nacional para la Educacion de los Adultos (INEA) in Monterrey, Mexico looking to raise the educational level of the direct and indirect employees of the company.

Through these initiatives, we have invested more than 573 hours of volunteer work, benefitting more than 2,234 students.

FEMSA’s Volunteers Network RED is present in the 10 countries where we operate and has more than 28,781 volunteering employees.