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22 Jul 2015

Colombia has a new plant

Opening the doors to a new Coca-Cola FEMSA bottling plant means not only incorporating new production processes but making new inroads into profitable, sustainable socio-economic growth for the municipality and region where it is located. We share in Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia’s pride in the opening of this new, modern plant, located in Tocancipá, Colombia, with the ribbon-cutting ceremony held there on June 5. The opening was attended by Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, the executive chairman of FEMSA’s Board of Directors, José Antonio Fernández Carbajal, FEMSA CEO Carlos Salazar Lomelín, and Coca-Cola FEMSA CEO John Santa María, along with 300 other people. Located in the special permanent free-trade zone known as Parque Industrial FEMSA, the plant starts up with an investment of more than US$250 million. It is a pioneering project in terms of innovation, incorporating more than 110 advances in civil construction, control and management systems and technology.