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27 Ago 2014

Changing the landscape of southern Buenos Aires

There is no transformation more satisfactory than the one achieved through the combined efforts and actions of everyone.

The commitment of neighbors, authorities and companies was reflected in a project to benefit the families of the Núcleo Habitacional Transitorio Zavaleta, in Buenos Aires, who worked to equip it with water service, sewerage and rainwater drainage, a playground for children, and an artificial turf soccer field.

The neighbors contributed the labor, and the Ministry of Habitat and Inclusion of the Buenos Aires City government concentrated on the social architecture, design and coordination of the work.

Coca-Cola FEMSA, for its part, donated tools, materials for the plaza, and construction of the artificial turf soccer field, while Fundación FEMSA provided materials for the water and sewer network.

Perímetro Pompeya works to improve conditions in the community neighboring Coca-Cola FEMSA’s Alcorta plant, in the Pompeya neighborhoods. In this first phase, 80 families received access to drinking water and a sewer network; in the second phase, the work will be extended to all of Zavaleta, benefiting more than 200 families.