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26 Feb 2015

Active, happy, and healthy

  • Aiming to improve the physical condition of young people and adults while fostering family union through sports and achieving a healthy lifestyle, we undertook hundreds of events.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico set more than 6 million people in motion through sports, thus promoting better habits.

During 2014, Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico activated more than 6 million people through 989 sporting events such as running, bicycle events, soccer, basketball, and baseball tournaments as well as dance, yoga, and fitness classes, among others.

The physical activation program from Coca-Cola FEMSA aims to improve the physical condition of children, teenagers, and adults while motivating the incorporation of these types of activities into their daily lifestyles.

In addition to these specific activities, Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico supported initiatives such as the FutCDMX soccer tournament, organized by Mexico City’s Government, Muevete en Grande from the Estado de Mexico Government, the Saludarte Mini World Cup, and the Coca-Cola Cup, among others.

The results of promoting sports and building healthy lifestyles reflect on the families, communities, and countries, therefore its transcendence for FEMSA.