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In 1978 we opened our first OXXO store in Monterrey, and year after year we have become part and parcel of the life style of many people as we strive to offer a large variety of goods and services that are both useful and practical in their daily lives. Our reason for being is very clear: we seek to satisfy the everyday needs of our customers in a polite, expedient practical, and reliable manner, creating monetary and human value in society (Consumers, Employees, Suppliers and Stockholders), developing a replicable retail business network in small formats that support the largest number of establishments of this kind in Latin America.

Relevant data

points of sale
in Mexico and Colombia
million customers
served every day
in our payroll
new stores
opened in Mexico and Colombia during 2015

Brands ofOXXO

Brands of OXXO

Coca-Cola FEMSA
We are the franchise bottler Coca-Cola products in the world's largest, serving 351 million consumers.
Jugos del Valle
Constituted by The Coca-Cola Company and 8 bottling partners, where our company Coca-Cola FEMSA, has always been characterized by its contribution to the financial progress of the country, evolving in line with changes in domestic and foreign markets. Com
We are a company engaged in the production, sale, and distribution of milk, yogurt, ice cream and other products under the Santa Clara brand. In 2012 we joined Jugos del Valle.
Estrella Azul
We are a company engaged in the manufacture, sale, and distribution of milk, yogurt, ice cream, juices, and nectars, among other products, with the Estrella Azul, De Oro, Vaquita, Vita Slim, Del Prado, and Plamosa brands, in Panama. We belong to Coca-Cola
The greatest chain of proximity stores in Mexico and Latin America
OXXO Gas logo in color
Gas stations and OXXO stores are next to each other, offering honest, fast, and helpful customer service
Farmacias YZA
A chain with more than 460 drugstoress operating in southeast Mexico.
Farmacias Moderna
A chain with 135 operating drugstores in our country’s northwest
At Farmacon, we base our actions on the values ​​of commitment, honesty, teamwork and proactivity.
Farmacias Cruz verde logo in color
A chain of 590 pharmacies, with a strong presence in Chile
We equip facilities to serve the needs of retail and fast food businesses
Gorditas Doña Tota
A company that meets the typical food craving.
Bara Súper
A chain of supermarket stores offering competitive prices
FEMSA Logistica white logo
We provide top quality logistics management service at competitive prices to FEMSA’s affiliates and clients in the open markets of Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.
We are the only company operating with a continental scope that both sells and provides comprehensive maintenance to coolers.
We design, manufacture, and recycle plastic products.