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Working with Mexicans, the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry promotes community projects for a better future


  • As part of its Love Multiplies initiative, the IMCC, alongside authorities, allies and neighbors, inaugurated the first community mural, as well as the first forum to join efforts for Mexico.

Mexico, CDMX, July 4, 2022.- With the purpose of strengthening the bond with the communities in which it operates, as part of its #LoveMultiplies initiative, this morning the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry (IMCC) unveiled the first community mural. This was made by the muralist Dulce V. Ríos alongside residents of the town of Xoco in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office in Mexico City. Managing to capture the history, traditions and commitment of the community to promote female talent, the IMCC made the official start of a series of 10 artistic works that will be executed nationally.

In the presence of the artist, Sergio Londoño, the Vice President of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability of Coca-Cola Mexico; Catherine Reuben, Director of Corporate Affairs of Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico; Santiago Taboada, Mayor of Benito Juárez; Luis Mendoza, Deputy for District 15 in Benito Juárez, and Margarita Zavala, PAN Deputy, unveiled the first mural, reaffirming the importance of working together with Mexicans to transform the place where we live.
“Mexico is the engine by which we create new initiatives. For more than 95 years we’ve enjoyed having a positive impact on people’s lives, not only by listening to their needs, but by responding to each one of them. That is why we created the Love Multiplies initiative, with which we call on all Mexicans to join efforts through four pillars: female talent, community development, responsible use of water, and recycling”, said Londoño on behalf of the IMCC.

The murals will have a QR code, which when scanned will reveal the inspiration for their creation, the artist who developed it, and initiatives to promote these pillars. It will also be possible to activate an immersive augmented reality experience through the camera of any smartphone, as well as to activate the filters available on social networks.

For his part, Santiago Taboada stated that he was convinced that this type of initiative, in which art and culture are involved, would shape a much more prosperous future for all future generations. He added that “we want to give a message of peace, love and community. This mural symbolizes what we want to do: teamwork with the community, neighbors, artists, private initiative and the government. When we work as a team, we do wonderful things.”

Muralist Dulce V. Ríos added that the most important thing was to be able to share with the community all the incredible things that can be achieved when we work together. She also thanked the support not only of the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry and the mayor’s office, but also of all the neighbors who were present during the creation of the mural. “The campaign is called Love Multiplies, and these days that I was here I had the opportunity to meet the neighbors, all the incredible people who came to me asking me what I was creating… Let’s make this an example of all that we can do together”, she said.
As part of the official start of the initiative, the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry inaugurated the first forum of a series of four that will take place in Mexico. Through these spaces, it seeks to create valuable conversations and dialogues regarding the main needs of the communities, as well as turning them into a platform to create solutions.
Patricia Ramírez, Administrator of Recupera; Lorena Ramos, Director of Substantive Equality of the Benito Juárez Mayor’s Office; Arisbeth Jarquín, from Abarrotes Emperador; Catherine Reuben, Director of Corporate Affairs of Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico; and Margarita Zavala, PAN Deputy; captured the role of women in the country, the challenges they face, and the importance of promoting their development and skills, naming the first forum “Women, the heart of the Mexican economy.” The panel was moderated by Pamela Cerdeira, renowned broadcaster and communicator in Mexico, who reaffirmed the context in which women develop, as well as the importance of promoting initiatives in their favor.

Together, they highlighted the importance of women having tools such as training, in order to develop their skills and continue to grow their businesses. They added that respect between men and women is essential to work together and make things happen. Among her words, Arisbeth Jarquín, from Abarrotes Emperador, highlighted that “one of the most important tools that women can use is the well-founded voice.” In addition, Patricia Ramírez, Administrator of Recupera added “do what you like, because the love of what you are doing is what drives you above anything else, but also believe in yourself. Learn, study. That will help you a lot”.

Since this is a space for Mexicans, the forums will be open to the public.

This is how the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry seeks to strengthen its bond with the communities where it operates, making a call to multiply efforts in favor of Mexico. “Each action, no matter how small it may seem, becomes the piece that unites and transforms. We will continue to work in favor of the communities, managing to positively touch the lives of thousands of families,” said Catherine Reuben, Director of Corporate Affairs for Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico.

Together we are Coca-Cola, and with you, love multiplies!


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