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Wi-Frío: The Project to Take Free Internet Access to Rural Areas


  • HEINEKEN México, Coca-Cola FEMSA, and the Government of the State of Queretaro have joined efforts to increase connectivity and access to information by installing thirty coolers equipped with Wi-Fi devices, developed by Imbera, in thirty ‘tienditas de barrio’ (local corner shops).
  • This action’s pilot stage will last for nine months. It will seek to improve social and economic development through free internet access for more than 800,000 residents that lack this service in the State.

Querétaro, QRO. March 3, 2021. Imbera, HEINEKEN Mexico, Coca-Cola FEMSA, and the Government of Querétaro have announced the pilot project “Wi-Frío,” which gives free internet access to seventeen rural communities in the State. The initiative will install thirty coolers equipped with Wi-Fi devices in thirty ‘tienditas de barrio’ (local corner shops).

The initiative aims to reduce the digital gap in Mexico and offer connectivity to its rural zones. The alliance between these companies and the Government of Querétaro will allow state residents, through IoT devices that turn cell phone signal into Wi-Fi, to enjoy free internet access to inform and communicate themselves and carry out administrative procedures.

Sustainable Development Secretary Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero remarked that in 2020 he had authorized financial aid for 103 projects for 45.3 million pesos through the State Program for the Development of Technology and Innovation (PEDETI). This project to reduce the digital gap in their communities is included in the program.

“Querétaro is a pioneer in initiatives such as Wi-Frío, which brings together private sector and state government efforts to the benefit of the people of Querétaro,” he added.

According to the 2020 Mexican Census, surveyed by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the population of Queretaro is 2.3 million residents. However, only 64.4% of the total population of Querétaro has internet access. Furthermore, Querétaro has experienced a sharp increase in internet use (12 percentage points, from 2015 to 2018) in residents older than six years old.

“This initiative reflects our genuine interest in creating value for the communities where we have operations, with innovative projects that adapt themselves to the particular needs we are facing amid a health contingency,” said Germán Martínez, a corporate affairs officer at Coca-Cola FEMSA.

The internet access devices are equipped with a processor, Bluetooth modules, Wi-Fi, SIM card ports, and SD solid memory. These devices will be installed in thirty Coca-Cola FEMSA and Heineken Mexico coolers on March 17, 2021. They have a 30-meter network range; they have software that will allow users to use professional networks (not social), authorized websites, and local government portals.

“We have developed Web-Frío, a generation of coolers capable of providing free Wi-Fi access to contribute to the reduction of the digital gap in rural communities in Mexico. We expect that together with our business partners, we can take this initiative nationwide, benefiting thousands of residents,” detailed Felipe de Jesús Gutiérrez, Chief Data Officer at Imbera.

The “Wi-Frío” pilot stage will last nine months, during which the joint efforts of private and public sectors will contribute to the social and economic development of marginalized populations. The initiative will bring new opportunities to 800,000 residents because of access to internet services and, consequently, to information.

“We are convinced that ‘Wi-Frío’ will promote access to information and digital communications in rural areas. We will continue contributing to community programs that improve the quality of life for everybody. This proves that together we can make great projects possible”, concluded Gerardo Soria, Regional Director of Institutional Relations at Heineken MEXICO.

Devices installed in the coolers operate straightforwardly: they emit a free Wi-Fi signal that, upon access, sends users to an internet website where they receive authentication; then they receive a quick guide to allowed websites—including financial and educational institutions, email platforms, and Querétaro government websites.

According to Imbera, the Secretariat of Sustainable Development, the Querétaro Government, Coca-Cola FEMSA, and Heineken Mexico, internet access will allow for up to 10 simultaneous users, each with a 30-minute limit. This measure will benefit a greater number of residents in the municipalities of Amealco de Bonfil, Arroyo Seco, Cadereyta de Montes, Colón, Corregidora, El Doctor (Cadereyta), Ezequiel Montes, Huimilpan, Landa de Matamoros, Maconi (Cadereyta), Peña Blanca, Peña Miller, Pinal de Amoles, Portugués, San Joaquín, Tequisquiapan, and Tolimán.

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