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OXXO rewards children and teenagers for their actions in favor of the Ecology

Monterrey, Mexico, July 9, 2015. – OXXO and the Secretary of Education of the State of Nuevo Leon rewarded the 18 winning schools of the 2014-2015 OXXO Ecology Award. Throughout the year, the schools promoted in their educational communities projects that focus on a culture of environmental care through diverse actions.

“OXXO is a company committed to social and environmental sustainability. With OXXO’s Ecology Award, we look to raise an awareness among children and teenagers about the importance that caring for the environment and active participation in the community bears on becoming committed citizens. We are convinced that collaborative and solidary work is the best way to create a positive social impact on the community. Thus, together with the Secretary of Education, we are celebrating the 29th anniversary of this Award, which this year counted with the participation of 137 thousand children and teenagers from the State of Nuevo Leon,” said Miguel Angel Sanchez Montemayor, Manager of OXXO’s Monterrey East Region.

This program targets all the special education, kindergarten, elementary, and junior high schools in the State. During the school year 2014-2015, the program managed to engage the participation of the students and teachers of 860 schools. With the work performed in the ecology clubs, participants were able to strengthen values, skills, knowledge, and habits such as respect, love for life, initiative, commitment, discipline, civility, effort, creativity, and teamwork, while at the same time students and teachers alike learned and increased their appreciation of environmental issues.
On behalf of the Secretary of Education, the Director of Special Education, Yahir Otoniel Cano Garcia said, “We are very proud of the enthusiasm and motivation shown by the children and teenagers of Nuevo Leon. Most of all for the work they shared with their teachers, parents, and the community. We would like to recognize OXXO’s dedication and support to these initiatives, which without a doubt contribute to the generation of a better society. Congratulations to all.” 

The breakdown of the 18 winning schools is as follows: two special education schools, six kindergartens, five elementary schools, and five junior high schools.

       CAM   ERASTO ZAVALA                                           COUNTY: SANTA CATARINA
KINDERGARTEN (pre-school)
       K – MARIA LAVALLE URBINA                                                   COUNTY: GARCIA
       K – CUITLAHUAC                                                                   COUNTY: APODACA
       K – TREVINO ELIZONDO A.B.P.                                                  COUNTY: APODACA
       K – ADALBERTO VIESCA SADA                         COUNTY: MONTERREY NORTH
       K – JUAN JOSE SAENZ                                        COUNTY: MONTERREY NORTH
      AMADO SALDIVAR CHAPA                                                  COUNTY: APODACA
      CANDELARIO CONTRERAS                                               COUNTY: DR. ARROYO
      CHAPULTEPEC                                       COUNTY: SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA
      PROFRA. DORA GARZA GARZA                                            COUNTY: APODACA
      DR. JOSE ELEUTERIO GONZALEZ                                     COUNTY: GUADALUPE

      DR. ENRIQUE C. LIVAS                                                    COUNTY:  VILLALDAMA
      # 11 DR. JAIME TORRES BODET                             COUNTY: MONTERREY SOUTH
      # 1 PROFR. PABLO LIVAS                                                        COUNTY: ALLENDE
      # 8 NIÑOS HEROES                                                   COUNTY: MONTERREY SOUTH 

Awards given to the winning schools:
•     Each winning school received a multi-functional copying machine.
•     Each teacher in charge of the ecology club received a digital Tablet device.
•     Each student member of an ecology club received a bicycle.

Working as a team in favor of the environment, the ecology clubs from participating schools carried out diverse activities: Tree planting campaigns; procurement of seedlings; creation of nurseries, school orchards, and botanical gardens; preparation of compost; caring for flora and fauna; organization of cleaning brigades; water, electricity, and gas savings campaigns; ecology parades; design and production of murals, posters, and banners with messages supporting environmental campaigns; and paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass recycling contests and campaigns. All of the actions carried out by the clubs and schools contributed to a more efficient use of resources and to a more conscientious and careful consumption.

The ecology clubs received the support of specialists throughout the year as well as the coordination with county officials to perform their events, and the chance to share ecology values with the community.

The schools obtained funds through the collection of glass, PET, aluminum, paper, and cardboard; they dedicated these funds to projects supporting orphanages, shelters, charity kitchens, and other charity groups in their communities in need of funding.  Of course, children and teenagers also participated in these support activities.

For the past 29 years, OXXO has bestowed this distinction upon young students that perform actions benefitting the ecology. OXXO also confers the Award in the cities of Hermosillo, Chihuahua, and Durango. 

As it is usual in Nuevo Leon, the ceremony of OXXO’s Ecology Award 2014-2015 took place at the Family Garden of Sociedad Cuauhtemoc y Famosa (SCyF).


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