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OXXO promotes financial inclusion with more than two million people

 Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, August 31st, 2015.- Since the launch of the debit card Saldazo, an innovative option of saving money for those without access to products and services from the formal financial system, every week almost thirty-two thousand OXXO customers have joined Mexico’s banking system, summing more than 2.2 million units to this day.

With minimum requirements to be acquired and without the need of a contract, Saldazo card made it possible for a bigger percentage of Mexico’s population to have easy access to a savings option that offers exclusive benefits in OXXO. The card, available in all OXXO stores, is issued by Banamex and is a member of the VISA network. 

“One of the main objectives of Saldazo card is to give more Mexicans access to banking services, since according to the National Survey of Financial Inclusion conducted by INEGI on 2012, only 35% of the adult population has a savings product in a formal financial institution. Thus, through our products and services, we seek to offer greater possibilities for our customers to process their debit card and, better yet, save money”, said Telephony, Services and Cigarettes Category Manager, Asensio Carrión.

Customers can get the Saldazo card in any OXXO store in the country for the cost of $30 pesos, by providing their name, date and place of birth, and address, and presenting a photo identification.

The product gives access to a savings account with a limit of up to $15,000 pesos in monthly deposits, and it gives the customers the opportunity to get special discounts in OXXO stores and pay for their purchases there and in any other establishment member of the VISA network. 

These benefits give Mexicans yet another option of social inclusion and improvement in their quality of life. 

Users can make deposits without any cost in any of the thirteen thousand OXXO stores in the country. The company’s Financial Services team aims to offer as many banking products that can be granted through the correspondent channel without the need of being a bank.


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