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OXXO Customers in Coatzacoalcos Raise $233,715.38 pesos Benefiting Children in Vulnerable Situations

Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, México, February 27, 2019.- Through its OXXO Customers Rounding Program the chain raised $ 233,715.38 pesos, benefiting non-profit association Defense and Assistance of the Rights of Children A.C. (Defensa y Asistencia de los Derechos de los Niños, A.C.) which provides shelter and services to children in vulnerable situations and who are going through legal proceedings. This amount was the result of the contributions made by OXXOs customers in Coatzacoalcos, between November 2018 and January 2019.

The monetary resources will be used for the rehabilitation of the home of the association, in order to improve the quality of life of the children residing in their facilities.

“Thanks to this program, at OXXO we have been able to help raise awareness among our customers about the needs of vulnerable groups in Mexico, and we have also managed to consolidate a channel to support various organizations that work on issues regarding health, social assistance, education, and the environment, among others. Many thanks to the organizations that work for our society, to our collaborators, but above all to our customers who are helping improve the quality of life of thousands of people in very diverse ways,” said Francisco Hernández Rojas, Manager of OXXO Plaza Coatzacoalcos.

Defense and Assistance of the Rights of Children A.C. (Defensa y Asistencia de los Derechos de los Niños, A.C.) has been operating for 17 years and offers food, shelter, clothing, medical and psychological care, as well as school services for children. Additionally, it has educational, productive and reintegration programs. At the moment, it supports 20 children.

“On behalf of all the children we host, volunteers and associates, we express our gratitude to OXXO and their collaborators for their valuable participation to carry out the round-up with their customers, benefiting this association. I also appreciate the generous, altruistic and phenomenal participation of the clientele and the general public. Help will always be welcomed because we are convinced that together we change the children’s future and the integration into society of the vulnerable and unprotected population that is protected by our association”, said Aurora Albina Esparza Morales, Representative of the association Defense and Assistance of the Rights of Children A.C. (Defensa y Asistencia de los Derechos de los Niños, A.C.)
The event was also attended by Edith Yolanda Chávez, representative of the Mexican Red Cross, Nanchital Delegation, who thanked OXXO for allowing them to collaborate with them for the next quarter of OXXO’s Customers Rounding Program.

“I want to profoundly thank the staff of OXXO Plaza Coatzacoalcos, for having authorized the OXXO Customers Rounding Program to be carried out for the benefit of the Mexican Red Cross and its Nanchital Delegation, which is invaluable support that will undoubtedly be given an appropriate use to benefit the community of our city. On behalf of the Mexican Red Cross, Nanchital Delegation, thank you very much, “said Chávez.

Thanks to the donations from customers, in 2018 the OXXO Customers Rounding Program of Plaza Coatzacoalcos raised a total of $ 1,072,254.35 pesos, which benefited 4 local institutions: The Works of Catalina AC (Las Obras de Catalina A.C), Ecosland AC, Mexican Red Cross, Las Choapas Delegation, and Let’s Get Together Against Cancer AC (Súmate Contra el Cancer AC) The associations invested the money raised in maintenance of their facilities, material, and equipment to give therapy to children with language problems, rehabilitation of an operating room and material for chemotherapy treatments for children, respectively.


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