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OXXO and the SE of Sonora promote small producers with the “Made in Sonora” seal


  • OXXO and the Ministry of Economy signed a collaboration agreement for the development of local producers in order to support the commercialization of proudly Sonoran products in more than 1,100 OXXO stores in the entity.
  • This agreement seeks to promote the production of regional products under the distinctive “Made in Sonora”

Sonora, Hermosillo, Mexico. June 30, 2023. – With the purpose of promoting the growth and development of products that are proudly from Sonora, OXXO and the Secretary of Economy of the Government of the State of Sonora signed a collaboration agreement for the development of local producers under the seal “Made in Sonora”.

The purpose of the agreement is to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sonora, making more than 1,100 OXXO stores available to them in the entity for the commercialization of regional products.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the Secretary of Economy of Sonora, Margarita Vélez de la Rocha; Said Saavedra Bracamonte, Undersecretary of Economic Development; Julio Alfonso Mendoza Arvizu, General Director of Marketing and Gabriela Martínez, Regional Expansion Manager of OXXO.

In this regard, Gabriela Martínez explained that in addition to the sale on exclusive shelves and displays for regional products under the “Made in Sonora” brand, Sonoran suppliers will receive other incentives, such a: the option of direct delivery in store or through of the Distribution Center with the option of having a presence in more than 1,100 stores.

“At OXXO we are committed to creating opportunities and working on initiatives that contribute to the positive transformation of the environments where we operate, and with the signing of this agreement in addition to promoting local supply and consumption of products from the region, we support Mexican suppliers to continue expanding and growing in the market through our network of stores”, she said.

Margarita Vélez de la Rocha, Secretary of Economy, pointed out the importance of this agreement to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Sonora as well as to position and strengthen the “Made in Sonora” certification mark.

“OXXO is available to everyone. Apart from offering products, it is a store that provides services, and the community recognizes the brand because it generates more than eight thousand jobs, a great contribution to the development of Sonora”, she said.

“Within this agreement, producers who want to develop and grow their product and marketing must approach the Secretary of Economy of the State of Sonora to acquire the ‘Made in Sonora’ seal, with which they can sell through the more than 1,100 OXXO stores. It will undoubtedly be of great benefit to our proudly Sonoran suppliers”, Vélez continued.

In addition to these alliances, the state government seeks to benefit state suppliers through development and training programs, as well as the sale of their products at regional fairs with the “Made in Sonora” label.

With these actions, OXXO demonstrates its commitment to create economic and social value among the entity’s small and medium-sized companies, working alongside authorities, companies, and civil organizations to contribute to strengthening the social fabric.



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