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New interactive exhibition at DistritoTec Open Gallery


Monterrey, Nuevo León. July 5, 2021. – Historically, Monterrey is a place that has received many people from different cities and countries. In particular, the area surrounding Tecnológico de Monterrey University, Distrito TEC, has witnessed all those who arrive, leave, return, and who remain.

In this context, and in collaboration with FEMSA Foundation, FEMSA Collection, DistritoTec and Laboratorio Arte AC, the exhibition “We walk imagining other worlds” is presented at the Open Gallery, located on Av. Fernando García Roel (between Garza Sada and Junco de la Vega).

This project, which will be on display from May 20 to September 2021, seeks to give visibility to people who coexist or coincide in the same space, raising awareness to the fact that there are more things that unite us than it seems.

This new exhibition also has the particularity of being completely interactive, since it asks questions to the community circulating the DistritoTec area, some of them regarding migration, with the intention of making the foreign community visible as part of the migratory flows, while others are more related to subjectivity or the idea of making a city or a community.

* DistritoTec is an innovation district in the city of Monterrey that operates under a co-responsibility model to offer city life with new value standards for all people.


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