Network Made up by Third-Sector Organizations and Foundations, Alongside IMSS, Offer Socio-Emotional Training for Nursery Staff - FEMSA
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Network Made up by Third-Sector Organizations and Foundations, Alongside IMSS, Offer Socio-Emotional Training for Nursery Staff


  • In order to provide IMSS educational agents with practical tools for emotional containment, on October 12, 14, 19 and 21, the Ensamble Network offered an online training by Proyecto DEI.

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico as of October 28, 2021. –Through Ensamble Network, Compartamos Foundation, Coppel Foundation, FEMSA Foundation, Promotora Social México, CLASE and Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social offered 4,617 educational agents from IMSS nurseries a training on education in emergencies and socio-emotional support, which were taught by specialists from Proyecto DEI.

This initiative aims to provide educational agents with practical tools for socio-emotional containment, which they can apply in the classroom and with their families. The training lasted 15 hours and was delivered synchronously through Zoom platform for a period of two weeks. Participants also had access to a private Facebook group where they were able to access the materials used in the training and served as a means of communication with their peers and instructors.

“Our commitment is with Mexico’s education and with the country’s educational agents. We are convinced that education is a key element in the integral development of girls and boys, and of the impact they can have on the society that surrounds them. For this reason, we join efforts that involve not only children, but also the caregivers and educators who are part of their lives”, said the leaders of the initiative: Eva Fernández, Manager of Early Childhood Social Investment at FEMSA Foundation; América Ávalos, National Manager of Education and Institutional Strengthening at Coppel; and Ayleen Cortés, Director of Compartamos Foundation.

This workshop has already been given nationally by Proyecto DEI, an organization specialized in early childhood. On this occasion, the implementation of the workshop is promoted by the Ensamble Education Committee. In the last year, the organizations that are part of the Ensamble Network have created and promoted various projects focused on strengthening education in Mexico through courses, activities or distance training for boys and girls, mothers and fathers and teachers.



ENSAMBLE is an articulation network between the leaders of business, institutional and family donor entities. Its goal is to create a greater social impact through the development of sustainable communities, and it works for a more equal, just and prosperous Mexico. The Ensamble Initiative emerged in May 2019 and intensified its articulated actions with the arrival of the Coronavirus in Mexico. The scenario of a crisis in the public health, economy, food and social sectors requires coordinated responses. We articulate ourselves to direct strategies that contribute to the constitution of a solidarity network that transcends current situations.

About Compartamos Foundation

At Compartamos Foundation we inspire and encourage the Social Vocation of Gentera and its companies. We seek the development of people by supporting education and early childhood. We promote the culture of volunteering, donation and support in contingencies to be in solidarity with social problems. Get to know us at and follow us on Facebook (/ Fundación Compartamos) and Instagram (@Fundacioncompartamos)

At Coppel Foundation

At Coppel Civil Association Foundation we actively contribute to the creation of opportunities to improve people’s quality of life and promote social mobility so that all Mexican men and women can become agents of change in their lives and in the community. Coppel Foundation has three key lines of action: education, economic-environmental development and community.

About FEMSA Foundation

In FEMSA Foundation our goal is to create positive impacts on people and communities through social investment projects for sustainability. We make a better future for all by working in three strategic areas: the promotion of efficient resource management for sustainable development, the promotion of the integral development of early childhood and the dissemination of Latin American art and culture. For more information, visit us at or follow us on Facebook (/ FundacionFEMSA) and Twitter (@FundacionFEMSA).

About Promotora Social México

Promotora Social México (PSM) is a Risk Philanthropy organization that promotes the initiatives of social entrepreneurs that are aimed at improving the quality of life of the least favored people in society. We participate in the sectors of education, health, economic development and early childhood development.

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