More than 4,500 volunteers join forces in the ‘Let's Clean Mexico for #AWorldWithoutWaste’ cleanup days, managing to recover nearly 100 tons of waste - FEMSA
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More than 4,500 volunteers join forces in the ‘Let’s Clean Mexico for #AWorldWithoutWaste’ cleanup days, managing to recover nearly 100 tons of waste


  • For the second consecutive year, the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry joins forces with Azteca Foundation and its communities, creating a positive impact on the environment through the recovery of public spaces.
  • This year, six clean-up days took place in different states of the country, managing to promote a culture of recycling, on its way to their #AWorldWithoutWaste goal.

Mexico City, July 12, 2022. The Mexican Coca-Cola Industry (IMCC), alongside Azteca Foundation, announced the successful closing of the second edition of Let’s Clean Mexico by #AWorldWithoutWaste, an initiative that seeks to have a positive impact in the communities and their environment, promoting a culture of recycling. This year, the initiative managed to have the participation of more than 4,500 volunteers working together to recover nearly 100 tons of organic and inorganic waste and recyclable materials.

The six cleanup days that took place this year were carried out during the months of June and July with the purpose of cleaning public spaces, such as the Chelem mangrove swamp in Yucatan; La Huasteca Park in Monterrey, Nuevo León; San Juan del Río, in Querétaro; Cuernavaca, Morelos; the Berriozabal dam in Chiapas; and Laguna de Tlachaloya in Toluca, State of Mexico, which will take place this July 9. During the closure of Let’s Clean Mexico by #AWorldWithoutWaste, simultaneous sessions were held in Baja California, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Puebla, Sinaloa, Coahuila and Tabasco.

“We are deeply grateful to the thousands of families, young people and older adults who joined efforts to keep our public spaces clean in favor of people and the planet. Sometimes a small action is enough to achieve a big change, and this initiative is a clear example of this: of the value of working together to achieve extraordinary results, like #AWorldWithoutWaste. Today more than ever, #LoveMultiplies”, said Sergio Londoño, Vice President of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability of Coca-Cola Mexico.

As part of the IMCC, Arca Continental, Bepensa and Coca-Cola FEMSA, the environmental association ECOCE, and different local and state governments worked together to achieve a more sustainable future. On this occasion there was also the participation of the circular market, where Mexicans could exchange their waste for artisanal handicrafts or locally produced food.

The IMCC promotes new ways of thinking, designing, and producing, with the purpose of achieving a circular economy in which each container is recycled. In this line, Ciel and Sprite contribute by integrating planet-friendly bottles. Ciel’s blue bottle is completely recycled and recyclable, while Sprite, in addition to also having recyclable bottles, this year presents its new container under the concept “Transparent is the new green”, with which it will facilitate its recycling process in all Latin American markets.

Of the total waste recovered during the cleanup days, the largest number of waste corresponded to non-recyclable materials such as Styrofoam, plastic utensils and single-use disposables, while the rest corresponded to tires and materials such as HDPE or LDPE bottles, plastics, glass and cardboard, among others. In the case of PET containers, which represented around 5% of the recovered waste, they will be transferred to recycling plants such as PetStar and IMER for proper processing. The rest of the waste was cataloged by ECOCE and processed for proper disposal and treatment through local governments.

This initiative is part of the efforts of the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry to achieve the global goal of A World Without Waste, which proposes the recovery and recycling of the equivalent of all the containers put on the market by 2030.

Achieving a better planet is everyone’s task. From the correct disposal of a container, to promoting a culture of recycling for the different materials. The IMCC’s commitment to achieving #AWorldWithoutWaste is firm, which is why it continues to work actively on projects, initiatives and the innovation of its packaging to make it more sustainable with the environment.


Together for #AWorldWithoutWaste


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