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Mexico renews its commitment to early childhood through public policies

Monterrey, Nuevo LeĂłn, October 24, 2018.- In cooperation with the Center on the Developing Child of Harvard University and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the four-day seminar “Design of Innovative Public Policies to Transform the Future of Mexico” was held, aimed at making our country one of the best places in the region, to be a child.

With a renewed look at leadership in public policies, innovation and the solution of challenges, the seminar brings together more than 40 public sector leaders committed to positive transformation that revolves around childhood. The School of Government and Public Transformation of TecnolĂłgico de Monterrey, FEMSA Foundation, The LEGO Foundation and the Accelerator of Innovation for Early Childhood also joined this purpose.

“Putting early childhood on the public agenda is everybodys job. With this initiative we seek to achieve more intersectoral collaboration in the design and implementation of public policies, based on evidence that supports families. Opening these dialogue spaces will allow us to create innovative solutions to reach more children in this very formative stage”, said Eva Fernández, Manager of Social Investment in Early Childhood of FEMSA Foundation.

Through this cycle of conferences and workshops, participants will obtain analysis and design tools that revolve around the challenges of early childhood in Mexico, based on successful experiences in other countries such as Brazil.

“The best investment a country can make is to invest in early childhood. Numerous studies have shown the high returns that investing in the first years of life have for a country. We must ensure that children have caring and sensitive care that prioritizes playing in order for them to have a better development and be prepared for the challenges of todays world”, said Astrid Viveros, Director of LEGO Foundation in Mexico.

Among the outstanding international specialists, the seminar will be attended by Dr. Charles Nelson, Professor of Pediatrics and Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School; Ricardo Bucio, Executive Secretary of the National System for the Integral Protection of Children and Adolescents (SIPINNA in Spanish); and Dr. Pat Levitt, Vice President and Director at The Saban Reserach Institute; among others.

“This program is very important because it will strengthen the relationships between the different actors that collaborate in early childhood development, since many of the merits that are made in the matter are disjointed, so having a space where they can not only obtain knowledge, but also linkage is very important in order to promote public policies that may have an impact in this area. Also, not only the government participates in different levels, but civil society organisms and foundations are also involved, since the synergy achieved between all these actors will allow a greater impact”, said Pablo de la Peña, Director of Monterrey’s School of Government of Tec de Monterrey.


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