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‘Lugar Comun’ is Transformed Into a Self-Engaging Artistic Space

Monterrey, Nuevo León, April 25th, 2017.- Today, FEMSA announced that ‘Lugar Común’, a space for artistic production that originated within the framework of FEMSA’s XII Biennial, from now on will operate autonomously under a program called ‘The Other Side’, which will promote the collaboration between local and international artists. It will also have new members in its work team, who will be in charge of continuing the place’s mission. However, even though it is now independent from FEMSA, the Mexican company will continue to support the cultural activities generated there.

‘Lugar Común’ is located in the center of Monterrey, and emerged in October 1025 as part of FEMSA’s XII Biennial Curatorial Program and as a platform for the exchange of ideas between agents of the local, national and international artistic community. Diverse gatherings and assemblies were carried out there, resulting in more than 50 activities with a total of 981 attendees.

“During this time, ‘Lugar Común’ has become an important space of reflection and dialogue for the community of Monterrey. Therefore, the decision was made to transfer it to the artistic community, to ensure its permanence and continuity, making it a legacy of FEMSA’s Biennial. We are certain that this space will continue to be a meeting point for the benefit of the city’s social and cultural development”, said the Head of FEMSA’s Public Relations, Luis Quirós Sada.

The ‘Lugar Común’ team will be made up by Leo Marz, Artistic Director; Ana Cervantes, Production Coordinator; Marco Treviño, Content Coordinator; and Abril Zales, Management and Development Coordinator. Also, the space will have independent Curatorial and Executive Committees.
“In this new phase, ‘Lugar Común’ has the purpose of providing the new generations a space for bonding and experimentation in the fields of production and management of contemporary projects”, said Leo Marz.

“The Other Side” is carried out thanks to the alliance with University of Monterrey (UDEM) and the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), and it is done with the purpose of operating as a platform of collaboration between students and artists from other generations, and provide them with the necessary tools to strengthen their practice. The program will include residencies, public events such as gatherings and montages, and publications from the editorial workshop.

About FEMSA’s Biennial

FEMSA’s Biennial was instituted in 1992 with the purpose of recognizing, strengthening and disseminating artistic creation in Mexico. Its consolidation over the years has given it recognition as one of the most important visual arts event in the country, acquiring more and more prestige at an international level.


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