Kinedu and Colectivo Primera Infancia come together to bring ‘Jugando en Colectivo’ FREE to all children in Mexico - FEMSA
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Kinedu and Colectivo Primera Infancia come together to bring ‘Jugando en Colectivo’ FREE to all children in Mexico


  • Colectivo Primera Infancia and Kinedu join forces to enhance the development of thousands of boys and girls in Mexico.
  • Jugando en Colectivo is an initiative of development through play, which promotes child development and interaction between mothers, fathers and caregivers and their little ones in a fun way with 25 game capsules.
  • Kinedu is the world’s leading early stimulation and parenting application, with more than millions of downloads in the US, Latin America and Brazil.

Mexico. December 15, 2021. – In order to promote child development and interactions between mothers, fathers and caregivers and their children, Kinedu, a digital platform for child development, and Colectivo Primera Infancia, a group of six corporate foundations that work for children: Cinépolis Foundation, CMR Foundation, Compartamos Foundation, FEMSA Foundation, LEGO Foundation and Televisa Foundation, come together to spread the Jugando en Colectivo collection for free to families in Mexico.

Jugando en Colectivo is a game manual that encourages child development activities through play in public spaces and at home, as well as healthy coexistence between adults and children. The manual is made to be flexible and guide play without being rigid, allowing games to be adapted to family spaces, ages, and preferences.

“Children’s interactions with the adults around them are key to their development during the first years of their life. Jugando en Colectivo gives very practical game ideas to parents and caregivers, which allow them to interact with children in a fun way, creating affective bonds that favor their well-being, health and learning”, said Eva Fernández, Manager of Social Investment in Early Childhood of FEMSA Foundation and a member of the Colectivo Primera Infancia.

Through the Kinedu application, users will be able to access the 25 available video capsules of the Jugando en Colectivo collection, in addition to the content available from Kinedu. By following the activities, users will be able to promote physical, social, cognitive, emotional and creative skills in a fun way. The games are designed to suit children of all ages. In addition to this, they will have access to weekly early stimulation activities selected specifically for the developmental stage of children from a catalog of 1,800 games and interactions between adults and babies. They will also be able to track developmental milestones and achievements with the tools offered by the App, including the kinedu® early childhood development skills assessment.

“We are very excited to enter this alliance and complement the content of the application with these 25 capsules. With this and our catalog of 1,800 activities, as well as hundreds of classes of experts in parenting, sleep, nutrition, and other topics, we are convinced that we are collaborating to a better start for all the boys and girls of the country”, said Luis Garza, Founder and CEO of Kinedu

One of Colectivo Primera Infancia’s priorities is to create alliances that provide tools and strengthen the knowledge of those who are in charge of children in early childhood. By making the collection available to all through the Kinedu platform, all mothers and fathers will have access to the activities for free by simply downloading the iOS application from the Apple App Store or Android from the Google Play Store.

Download Kinedu for free or go to and learn more about the Jugando en Colectivo manual at



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About FEMSA Foundation

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About Kinedu App

Kinedu is a digital platform for the development of babies, created in 2013. Kinedu offers more than 1,800 early stimulation activities that work on the physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective areas depending on the skills and materials available to each user. Kinedu understands that genetics, environment and experiences during the first years of a person’s life, forge the basis of their future, their health and their ability to learn and seeks to improve the development of an entire generation through their application.  

About Colectivo Primera Infancia

Colectivo Primera Infancia is a group made up of six business foundations: Cinépolis Foundation, CMR Foundation, Compartamos Foundation, FEMSA Foundation, LEGO Foundation and Televisa Foundation, which work together so that all boys and girls in Mexico have a full integral development by positioning early childhood as a priority issue for the country’s growth. Its mission is to sensitize parents and caregivers about the importance of early childhood and enable them to take personal and systematic action to promote full integral development. Learn more at:

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