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Imbera Innovates with Door to Door: Cold Equipment Rental Service

Mexico City, May 24th, 2016.– With the purpose of providing innovative solutions, Imbera, a Mexican leading company in the manufacture of commercial coolers, introduced its new Door to Door service, which offers the rental of commercial refrigeration equipment for retail points of sale.

Door to Door arises as the answer to a problem faced by many clients, related to the ignorance of the hidden costs that having cold products on retail points of sale represents. With Door to Door, clients (specially bottlers) will have full certainty of Total Cost of Ownership and its management. This new service will be offered in a comprehensive manner and includes the cooler, freight to the destination deployment, the initial installation, maintenance, Imber Link platform and information on the outcome of the operational management, which are indicators that allow customers to keep the correct administration of their teams. 

“Door to Door will expand our customer portfolio, because we will be able to offer alternatives to suit the needs of each. With this new service, they will have full certainty of Total Cost of Ownership, as hidden costs are eliminated; the visibility of asset productivity will be improved; operational costs will be minimized and the performance of the coolers at the retail points of sale will be optimized”, said Imbera’s Director, Hernán Mendoza.

Coolers with the Door to Door service will also be equipped with Imbera Link technology, a pioneer of its kind and with which, through a digital platform, it is possible to monitor the performance of the cooler so that customers can maintain the operational, sales and marketing management of their coolers and can get the most out of them.

Guests can hire the service for the time that suits them because it does not have compulsory terms.

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About Imbera 

Imbera is the world’s largest commercial cooler manufacturer. It has been designing, developing and manufacturing commercial refrigeration equipment since 1941, and today exports products to 53 different countries. With three production facilities in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, it has sales offices in ten countries and provides maintenance services in eight. Imbera is the only company currently offering both sales and comprehensive maintenance services for commercial coolers across the Americas. – 


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