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FEMSA, the Best Company for a Career in Mexico, According to LinkedIn


  • In 2020, FEMSA invested more than 1,009 million pesos in its more than 320,000 employees. That same year, it provided 8.5 million hours of training on topics such as human rights, leadership, technical knowledge, health and safety, and sustainability.
  • Currently the company also offers employment opportunities to 930 people with disabilities, 200 refugees and 930 older adults.

Mexico City, Mexico. April 28, 2021. – According to LinkedIn, the largest professional social network in the world, FEMSA is the best company to pursue a career in Mexico. In 2019, the Mexican company ranked number 3 in the same ranking, rising two positions this time thanks to the actions in favor of its collaborators.

“The most important thing for us is our people, and that is why in our company we promote a culture based on values with an ideal work environment, so that employees can grow and develop professionally; an environment where there are trustworthy, safe, inclusive and diverse environments that also allow personal development. We are proud to be part of this ranking”, said Raymundo Yutani Vela, Director of Human Resources at FEMSA.

Alongside its business units FEMSA Comercio, Coca-Cola FEMSA and FEMSA Negocios Estratégicos, in 2020 FEMSA invested more than 1,009 million pesos (50 million dollars) in its more than 320 thousand employees. With these resources, the company provided its employees with the training and tools necessary to succeed in their work and in their personal lives.

In the same year, it provided 8,573,290 hours of training on topics such as human rights, leadership, technical knowledge, health and safety, and sustainability. In addition, in compliance with FEMSA Corporate Policies and the legal framework of the countries in which they operate, all FEMSA Business Units have Industrial Safety and Occupational Health Management Systems in accordance with their activities and line of business.

FEMSA also seeks to promote the integral development and quality of life of its collaborators through a comprehensive development model that promotes the development of social, civic and family relationships in harmony with the environment and the community. This model promoted 3,512 activities for collaborators.

Among the labor inclusion programs, employment opportunities are currently offered to 930 people with disabilities, 200 refugees and 930 older adults. Among the highlights in this regard, FEMSA Comercio has Directed Job Training Centers and the Inclusive Company distinction, granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) in Mexico, while Coca-Cola FEMSA has the Equidad MX certificate from the Human Rights Campaign and is part of the Bloomberg Gender Quality Index.

For more than 20 years, FEMSA’s philosophy has been to bring leaders closer to their collaborators, which is why among the company’s practices we hold monthly sessions to inquire about how the collaborator feels, through dynamics of culture that generate closeness within the team with topics such as psychological safety, collaboration, leadership in service, among others. The critical factors of the area, the business results and topics of interest to the team are also reviewed in these sessions.

Another one of the company’s internal practices is the Vertical Review, a space between boss and collaborator, where the boss helps his collaborator to achieve both individual and team goals, as well as discuss the development that the collaborator requires to have effective performance. This performance management methodology and process is linked to employee compensation.

LinkedIn’s Best Companies Ranking is done through a detailed analysis of global and anonymous data on LinkedIn, to examine the careers of millions of users of the platform around the world. Seven fundamental aspects are taken into account, all of them important indicators of professional growth within a company: capacity for professional growth, skill development, company stability, external opportunity, affinity with the company, gender diversity and academic training.

To be eligible for this ranking, companies must have at least 500 employees in the country / region as of December 31, and the staff turnover rate cannot exceed 10% during the previous 12 months (based on LinkedIn data). The list is published in 20 markets: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, China, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, India, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


FEMSA is a leading company that creates economic and social value through companies and institutions and seeks to be the best employer and neighbor of the communities where it has a presence. It participates in retail trade through FEMSA Comercio, which includes the Proximity Division and of which OXXO, a chain of small format stores, is a part of. It also has a Health Division that includes pharmacies and related activities as well as a Fuel Division that operates the service stations chain, OXXO Gas. In the beverage industry it operates Coca-Cola FEMSA, public bottler of Coca-Cola products; in the beer sector, it is a shareholder of HEINEKEN, a company present in more than 70 countries. Additionally, through FEMSA’s Strategic Businesses Business Unit, it offers logistics services, point-of-sale refrigeration solutions and plastics solutions to FEMSA companies and external clients. FEMSA also participates in the cleaning products and consumables distribution industry in the United States. Through its Business Units, it employs approximately 320 thousand employees in 13 countries. FEMSA is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance Index, the FTSE4Good Emerging Index and the Mexican Stock Exchange Sustainable IPC, among other indices that evaluate its performance in sustainability.

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