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FEMSA Logistica Sets the Tone on Sustainable Solutions

Mexico City, May 27th, 2016.– In order to publicize its commitment to its employees, the environment and the community, FEMSA Logistica presented its 2015 Sustainability Report, which, for the first time ever, has an external verification of the 39 physical indicators that have the greatest impact on business, according to the latest version of the methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), (G4), thus guaranteeing transparency and truthfulness of the information reported.

“At FEMSA Logistica we integrate sustainability as part of our culture and business strategy, seeking to align and focus our efforts to promote the company’s sustainable growth and the improvement of our communities”, said FEMSA Logistica’s Strategic Relations and Innovation Director, Alex Theissen. 

He also added that, in 2015, the company integrated to their operation and business vision, eight priority issues that guide the business operation in the seven countries where they operate: culture and values; training and development; environmental impacts of transportation and logistics; waste; environmental security; provider development; regulatory compliance and corporate governance and ethics.

In addition, during 2015, FEMSA Logistica reinforced its commitment to sustainability by focusing on creating value on three guiding principles: Our People, Our Planet and Our Community, by organizing activities that contributed a significant change and joined the sustainability strategy, highlighting the following: 

•    Our People: With an investment of more than $60 pesos million in training, the average number of hours of training of unionized workers increased by 44% and for employees and executives 8%; while in 2015 the number of collaborators over the previous year increased by 12%.

•    Our Planet: The investment in this area during 2015 was more than $280 million pesos for fleet renewal, energy, water and waste management. Moreover, efficiency in fuel consumption per kilometer in Brazil and Central America relative to 2013 was improved by 13%, while in Mexico our hazardous waste decreased by 2% compared to 2013.

•    Our Community: FEMSA Logistica is the first company in Mexico (and second in Latin America) to receive the ISO 39001 Certification. According to the terms of its Integrated Security System, its operations of primary and secondary distribution are subject to periodic evaluations, in order to ensure compliance with its security policy and promote continuous improvement of their processes. That is why FEMSA Logistica manages to keep the loss ratio below the average of companies in the logistics services sector in North America.

FEMSA Logistica has a clear vision towards 2020: reducing specific CO2 emissions from the operation of primary distribution in Mexico by 7%, and decrease the indicator generation of hazardous waste by 20%, marking the path toward success to consolidate as a leader in logistics services. Currently, it is the source of employment for over 18,000 people. 

The company reiterates its commitment to continue working on the challenges that arise every day regarding sustainability, based on the understanding of the environment, the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, and its sustainability vision aligned with the strategic framework of FEMSA.

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About FEMSA Logistica

FEMSA Logistica was founded in 1998 and is part of the Strategic Business Division of FEMSA. It offers comprehensive logistics services that generate value to its customers with a high focus on innovation and safety. It is a source of employment for more than 18,000 employees, with presence in 7 countries in Latin America: Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

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