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FEMSA Foundation Shares Significant Experiences of Early Childhood Care in Latin America


Mexico, July 26, 2021. In response to the call launched by RedEAmérica and Diálogo Interamericano, FEMSA Foundation will share experiences that show early childhood care by the business sector.

Through this call, RedEAmérica and Diálogo Interamericano seek to promote greater involvement and investment of the business sector in the wellbeing of children in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The call will be open from July 19 to August 20, 2021.

The participants can apply with one or more experiences.

  • Social investment and Early Childhood at the level of the territories

It is about identifying experiences where business foundations and companies invest private resources, accompany and / or implement social initiatives in favor of early childhood which create collective benefits for society.

  • Companies and Early Childhood

It is about identifying experiences where companies, based on their business model, invest and implement initiatives in favor of early childhood, which create both collective benefits for society and private benefits for the company (through its chain of value, collaborators, etc.).

The candidates to apply for experiences are: Companies of any size; foundations and institutes linked to companies; family businesses, business associations or economic associations from any country in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The chosen initiatives will be documented and disseminated; a virtual publication will be produced with the documented cases.

Learn more at: https://bit.ly/ConvocatoriaPrimeraInfancia

About FEMSA Foundation

In FEMSA Foundation our goal is to create positive impacts on people and communities through social investment projects for sustainability. We make a better future for all by working in three strategic areas: the promotion of efficient resource management for sustainable development, the promotion of the integral development of early childhood and the dissemination of Latin American art and culture. For more information, visit us at www.fundacionfemsa.org or follow us on Facebook (/ FundacionFEMSA) and Twitter (@FundacionFEMSA).

About RedEAmérica

RedAmérica is a thematic network created in 2002 whose mission is to promote the transformation of investment and social practices of companies and foundations in Latin America for the development of sustainable communities.

About Diálogo Interamericano

Diálogo Interamericano is a center for political analysis and exchange that unites a network of global leaders to promote democratic governance, prosperity and social equity in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Contact. Eliana Nieto / comunicaciones@redeamerica.org/ www.redeamerica.org

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